shamrockshamrockShamrock is an adult Dane and quite a character! He is very smart and
obedient. He already knows basic commands (sit, down, stay, no, shake,
and heel) and picks up new ones very easily. He has cropped ears that
don’t stand and are very expressive when he is listening to you. He
LOVES to eat and if you have food, immediately sits…he obviously
thinks sitting always earns a treat! He loves to play with toys and gets
the “zoomies” about once a day around the house. He would do best in a
home with more mature dogs, as he doesn’t care for pestering crazy young
ones! He would probably not do well with cats. Shamrock does not like to
be crated, but currently lives in a home with doggie doors and would do
very well even if a home did not have them. He is such a happy dog,
constantly wagging his tail and you can even see him smiling! I have
loved having Shamrock as a guest in my house, but he is hoping to find a
home (and couch!) to call his own!


If you are interested in adopting a Great Dane, please check out the HOW TO ADOPT section of our website.