GeorgiajackieThese two little darlings are the last of nine puppies born into rescue back in March. Jackie O and Georgia O’Keefe are four months old and what a rough four months it has been. They were whelped at a shelter covered in fleas and already had worms before they were a week old. Once we got that under control, Amelia, their mom could not support feeding 9 puppies. They were being bottle fed at the age of three weeks with Amelia doing the best she could. By 8 weeks, all 9 came down with Parvo. Jackie and Georgia were 2 out of 4 that survived the virus. They were hospitalized for several days, each day becoming stronger and more active. Two months later, the girls are running around loving life. Georgia loves to eat and Jackie enjoys playing chase. Jackie and Georgia are both pups that thrive on attention and praise. We do not know if they are full blood danes since we just had their mother in rescue.

If you are interested in adopting a Great Dane, please check out the HOW TO ADOPT section of our website and/or email [email protected].

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