Blevins Blevins may have a lot of grey hairs, but don’t call him an old man!
There’s plenty of spunk and sparkle in those deep brown eyes. He has
a zest for life that warms the hearts of everyone he meets.

His foster mom reports that he has impeccable house manners – never
tries to counter surf, has never pottied inside, and doesn’t chew on
anything inappropriate. He also knows basic commands like sit, down,
high-five, and go to your bed! And when it’s time for everyone to go
in their crates, Blevins hops right in!

Blevins lives with five dachshunds in his foster home, and he is a
wonderful big brother to them. Being the gentleman that he is, he
mostly stays out of their antics. One of his foster brothers does like
to play with him, and he obliges and will mouth wrestle with him from
time to time! He is always sweet to the dachshunds, especially when a
new one joins the foster pack.


He just happily wags his tail and
sniffs the newcomer! He is great with his foster cat sisters too.

We’re not sure but it seems some dachshund tendencies have rubbed off
on Blevins. He’s learned to sit up and beg like the little guys do,
and it’s hilarious when he does it!

Blevins loves people and loves to make new friends. He is sweet to
everyone he meets on walks and at his foster home. He manages to make
himself the center of attention, even with five wiener dogs jumping
around, and loves to lean and be petted.

His favorite thing in the world is to go on walks. He acts just like
a puppy when he sees his leash and gets very excited. He is great on
walks and does not pull on the leash or bark at anyone. We wish we
could say the same for his dachshund family members!

We know Blevins is enjoying his new lease on life in his foster home,
but he needs a forever home of his own! Could it be yours?

If you are interested in adopting a Great Dane, please check out the HOW TO ADOPT section of our website.