Do You Have What it Takes to Foster?

A quality foster home understands that your goal is to be the SECOND best home your foster pup will ever know. It means you are getting them ready to be a FURever dog for their FURever family. This doesn’t stop at food, love and walks, some will need a little more ..


  • Your foster may need potty training…
  • Your foster may come to you with some naught habits.. like counter surfing, leash pulling… that you will need to train them on
  • Your foster WILL need a transition period before being introduced to your personal pets
  • Your foster may need to learn to trust humans
  • Live in the DFW metroplex and agree to transport their dog to events, adoption meetings and vet visits.



A quality foster home also reaps the rewards of watching a hot mess of a dog blossom into an awesome family Furever dog, A quality foster home loves to see the results of their hard work in the joy of a living creature… and the joy of a new family. Fostering is like being a Nanny… you love, nurture and care for a dane.. GDRNT provides a crate, medical care, Heartworm prevention and support while we wait on their FURever family. Do you have what it takes? A quality foster home will go through an approval process similar to our adopters. There is a vet check, interview and home visit…. Still have questions email usand we will get back to you asap! Ready to get started? Go to the Forms section, to complete an online adoption application. Mark the box that says “Foster”. Foster applications do not have to pay the processing fee.

fostering is better than knowing what will happen if you don't