Typically this week I would be talking to you about Holiday safe food, warning about pancreatic and keeping your pup safe with extra visitors in your home. This year we got something a bit different about how things are not always what they seem. Knowing your pups potty habits, energy level and temperament will allow you to spot an issue before it becomes a huge problem. GDRNT has the best fosters and when their foster is “off” they know it.

Late one night last week a foster dad noticed Jagger was not quite right and exhibiting some of the symptoms of an obstruction so off to the ER we went. Once there the great staff and veterinarians wasted no time…. at then end of that visit his x rays, blood tests and exam all came back indicating tummy upset but not necessarily an obstruction. Modern X-rays are great but there was nothing obviously obstruction so Jagger was sent home with some meds for observation. (even the radiologist didn’t see anything obvious)

A few days later Jagger was a little better but not great sooo our rescue veterinarian repeated films, tests (specifically pancreas) and again nothing so he was sent home with some more meds for observation.

Well we now know… Jagger this am defecated over 5 foot long gauze wrap….. no idea where it came from or how long it has been in there but he is feeling way better!! So why am I sharing all this with you guys

Even when your pet gets the bestest veterinary care, even when you watch them like a hawk, even with the improvements in X-rays and diagnostics … stuff happens. This is why knowing your pets is so important. Jaggers foster dad knew he was not ok and even after his vet visits continued to watch him like a hawk. As you host holiday festivities and your home is full of family and friends, your schedule packed with holiday happenings… stuff can still happen so keep an eye on the pups and know where the closest 24 hour veterinary ER is located.