Moby is safe!

We were contacted by a small rural shelter about a big slobbery dude who came into the shelter with a early wound. Clearly Moby had been walking around with this injury for some time as it was badly infected. Like many small shelters there is no shelter veterinarian or money for medical care. Shelter staff does so much but without a veterinarian treatment options for a wound like Moby’s are very limited.

Shelter staff was able to get Moby to a close by veterinarian for treatment and GDRNT was able to pay via our Medical fund. Having this emergency fund allows us to make quick care decisions without having to worry about money. We can raise money to refill the fund for the next one.

Thanks to a generous donor Matching Grant, the first $4,000 in donations will be DOUBLED for GDRNT!

#NTXGiving I now open with the grand finale on September 21st.

But your donations do not stop there. While Moby’s wounds are on the mend he still has a long way to go.. His skin needs to heal, and his infection needs time to respond to the medication. Once our veterinarian gives the all clear Moby will take his no puppy pledge…..

You may have noticed Moby’s eyes are … soulful… soft and have a “cherry eye or entropian”. This is not uncommon and once he is feeling better we will see if he needs eye surgery to correct it.. Sometimes this is nearly a cosmetic issue but in some cases it can cause major eyer irritation and can lead to blindness.

So you see all the money we save on professional graphics .. allows your donations to go directly to the care of our foster pups.

GDRNT is 100% volunteer based and we rely on the generosity of private donors like you to keep us going. To help us help our local shelters and save more discarded danes please consider a tax deducible donation for #NTXGiving by clicking HERE to go directly to our #NTXGiving Site