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Please note we only adopt in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Honoring Doris at #NTXGiving Day to help GDRNT

North Texas Giving Day is one of our largest fundraisers of the year and we rely on it to save Great Danes in area shelters. One of our generous donors has offered to match the first $1,000 of pre-scheduled donations to honor the memory of Mrs. Doris Huneycutt. Those of us lucky enough to have had Doris in our lives knew her as a tireless, fearless and dedicated defender of animals. Doris was an adopter, foster, volunteer and supporter of Great Dane Rescue of North Texas and we are proud to be able to Honor her memory in this way.

This year we are honored with $5,100 in Matching Fund Grants. Help us Honor Doris and hit our $14,000 total Goal!

So how does this work?
Click to visit NTXGiving day site and donate to Great Dane Rescue of North Texas. All donations "scheduled" between September 9th and September 19th and will be totaled to hit our total the morning of North Texas Giving Day (September 19th). All donations scheduled and made on the 19th will be eligible for #NTXGiving matching funds and make us eligible for "prizes".

We also want to thank our anonymous matching fund donors who make this possible to maximize our donations.

PS Ok be nice... I was trying to make it look like Holly was playing with a ball... our logo was supposed to be the ball.... Obvious right:)

Memorial Day We Remember

GDRNT is blessed to have quite a few veterans as fosters, volunteers and supporters. We are eternally grateful for their service to our Country and GDRNT. This weekend we ask that you all take time to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. May their families know their service members have not been forgotten.

PetMeds Cares

1-800-PetMeds® supports pet rescue and adoption through PetMeds Cares. This program’s primary focus is organizing donations of over-the-counter medications and products to U.S animal shelters and rescues. Rescue groups can apply to be considered for donations once each year. Great Dane Rescue is excited to be considered for this awesome program. To learn more visit PetMeds Cares