ShelbyShelby Lynn may not have gotten the best start in
life, but you would
never know it today! She is a big bundle of joy and
always seems to be
happy. She likes her crate, especially with a
blanket inside! She
loves to go on walks and gets so excited when she
hears the jingle
jangle of a leash! She knows basic commands, like
sit, heal, come. She
minds her manners very well in the house, no counter
surfing, no
accidents and the only furniture she seems
interested in getting on is
the bed. She gives wonderful hugs and likes to
nuzzle under your chin.
When we wrestle and play her mouthing is never
hurtful, although those
big paws can sometimes pack a wallop. She seems to
know the term Play
Gentle. She loves other dogs, especially those
smaller than her!
Shelby came to us a little on the heavy side (had
obviously had people
food too) but now with some weight management food
being eaten during
the past couple of weeks, she is starting to show a
waist line! You
would hardly know that she has had a double
mastectomy too. The scars
on her belly blend in with the fur that it looks
like there is a pattern
to her fur–that’s all!

Shelby is a trooper through and through! She
deserves the love and
affection of a permanent home and family!ShelbyShelbyShelby