RebeccaRebecca is a sweet and well behaved Dane that sadly had to be returned to our rescue when the family that adopted her as a puppy ran into financial hardship. She LOVES her crate and uses it as her “safe” spot when she hears any hint of thunder. Rebecca knows some basic obedience and has wonderful house manners. She loves to go for walks and rides beautifully in the car. She has no interest in spending any time outdoors unless a person is out there with her, she’s a house-dane through and through,. Rebecca is good with other dogs, but likes to irritate kitties! She would do great in a family with kids ages 5 and up, she likes the toddlers just fine but is a bit timid if they start throwing toys etc so old enough to understand how to behave around a dog would be better. Her adoptive family will need to be ready to allow her a week to adjust to her new surroundings, at her evaluation foster home she preferred to watch things from her crate for a few days when she first arrived.