MaryKateMaryKateMary Kate is a funny, smart girl. She has
personality PLUS and makes her
foster mom laugh on a daily basis. While she is
deaf, you wouldn’t know
it (other then her continuing to snore as a vacuum
goes right by her!).

She loves food and can devour a loaf of bread in a
few short seconds, so
her foster mom is keeping a cleaner kitchen these
days! 🙂 She is on a
diet to help trim her down a few pounds.

Mary Kate
loves to ride in the
car and prefers riding “shot gun” in the passenger
seat. It makes other
drivers laugh to see her sitting there like a
person. Mary Kate knows
hand signals (sit, no, and come) and is fine with
other dogs and cats in
the household. She gets very excited if she sees
another dog on a leash
during a walk, and her foster mom is working with
her with this.

loves toys, playing fetch, chase and tug of
war…with humans or another
doggie playmate. Mary Kate uses doggie doors in her
current home, but
most the time you can find her in the front bedroom
napping or looking
out the window. Her fun personality and gorgeous
blue eyes are hard to
resist. She has her foster mom wrapped around her
(big!) paws!