Astro AstroDear Dane Lovers:

Yippee, yippee, I am jumping for joy! I was asked
to be the July centerfold (oops I mean “Dane of the

Am I just the cutest or what?!!? Have you ever seen
a chocolate brown Great Dane before? Yep, I’m one
of a kind but you better catch me while you can. I
am an absolutely incredible, adorable dog (I swear!
My foster mom says so!) I first came to live with
Jennifer and my foster sister Rylee on April 2nd,
but was scared out of my mind. I’ll spare you the
details of my life before GDRNT, but let me tell
you, I would hardly let Jennifer or any human
anywhere near me. I cowered like a frightened,
scared little boy thinking I did something wrong.
But it’s been 3 months now and I’m sooooooo much
better. I may still get a little scared at meeting
someone at first, but pretty much, i think i’m
healed. Love is such great medicine.

I follow Jennifer around everywhere, and I mean
EVERYWHERE. Even if she just walks 3 feet, I’m
right there! I know she needs me, so I better be
there for her! I gotta tell you though…her
bathroom is really too small for all of us.

I’m real good with other dogs. Rylee and I hit it
off immediately – you know being a fellow dane and
all. She’s my best friend. Sometimes when she’s
laying on the couch i’ll lick her ears (she seems to
like that cuz she doesn’t make me stop). And we
have a blast mouth wrestling. I think I always win.
My mouth is bigger. As much as I love Rylee, I
think I annoy her sometimes and she wouldn’t mind me
finding my forever home.

Anyway…that’s a little about me!


“I can’t wait to find my forever home” Astro

Astro Astro