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Thankful for Our Veterans Service in and out of Uniform

IN 2017 I was honored to nominate and attend the medal ceremony for one of our long standing supporters, foster, adopter and volunteer, Lt Commander Mike Digman (now retired). The military has the Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal and we are honored to have three volunteers within our organization who have earned this medal. This Veterans Day we are so appreciative of of all our military and the service in and out of the uniform. Our world is a better place because of their dedication to service.

Since 2001, Great Dane Rescue of North Texas has been 100 per cent operated by dedicated volunteers, private donations and generous supporters. Without their dedication we simply could not exist and make such a positive impact. It is no surprise that some of those same people serve all of us with their service to our military. In our midst we have active, inactive and retired military who demonstrate their dedication to serve.

The Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal recognizes those members of the military (active duty, reserve and national guard) who perform substantial volunteer service to the local community above and beyond the duties required as a member of the United States Armed Forces. Recently I was honored to put forward a volunteer’s service and attend the Ceremony awarding this medal to Lieutenant Commander Michael Digman at the Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base.

In Honor of All Veterans

GDRNT is blessed to have more than a few veterans as volunteers, fosters, supporters and adopters. Today we would like to take time to say Thank You for your service to our Country. And because this never gets old:)

24 Hour Pet Poison Control

If you are on social media you likely saw the picture of the violently vomiting boxer in the animal clinic.... if you didn't I will spare you. This poor pup was brought to the clinic after ingesting something is should not have.... so the clinic needed to induce vomiting to save the dog. Let just say it isn't pretty .....

HOWLeen Safety for the FUR-kids!

Imagine how scarey it is to have strange people in strange outfits coming to your door in crowds? While wearing an outfit that was itchy, ill fitting and made you feel anxious?

Another NTXGiving Day for Kahl! aka When Rescue doesn't go as Planned

This is Kahls second NTXGiving Day with us ... while his rescue story did not go to plan.. once a GDRNT dog, always a GDRNT dog.. even when you visit the ER vet:)

Kahl first came to rescue in 2017 and was adopted out but by no fault of his own landed back in rescue in 2019 due to some changes in the family. Kahl had also developed Addisons and other complications associated with uncontrolled Addisons. His family did the best they could but Kahl needed more... Kahl is our longest resident foster pup and while his foster mom loves him he needs a home of his own

It took some ER visits, regular visits and lots of medication trials to figure out the best way to control Kahl;s Addisons but once we were able to get it in control his tail found its wag.

#NTxGiving Day Scheduled Giving Starts TODAY

#NTXGiving has become the largest fundraising event of the year for GDRNT. It has allowed us to reopen Chances Fund and establish our Emergency Veterinary Fund. This year we hope to be able to keep both funds open with your donations.

Thank You 1-800 PetMeds Cares!

Great Dane Rescue of North Texas applied to PetMeds Cares and received this great box of non perscription items for our foster pups! Thank you 1-800 PetMeds Cares!

HELP STOP Puppy Mills & Irresponsible Breeders

Could stronger laws have prevented Tatter from his painful start in life? One thing we know for sure is weaker laws definitely do not.

Our friends at Texas Humane Legislative Network need our help to protect animals from large scale, inhumane puppy mills and breeders. Texas has few laws on the books to protect animals and now one of the good ones is at risk.

2020 #NTXGiving Day

Puppy Ready or Puppy Fever?

People often ask us if we have puppies available for adoption, this is a frequent question, so here is the deal.
Puppies are rare in rescue, while we have recently had more than usual, they are still rare in rescue. That being said, adopting out a dane puppy is a unique adventure. The fact that they are in such high demand is a part of the problem. Everyone wants that cute, floppy, uncoordinated adorable dane puppy. What MOST people fail to realize is that cute, adorable uncoordinated puppy is going to get big, and I mean GIANT.


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