Below are links to various Dane Rescue Events. 7/4/02 – 4th of July Irving Parade 6/8/02 – Circle Theatre in Ft. Worth’s Sundance Square We were involved using our Therapy dogs in their Circle Playback after the play discussing issues brought up

There are many items that are greatly needed for us to continue with our rescue efforts. If you would like to donate, please leave us a voicemail message indicating your donation at (214) 888-6590 and we will have the appropriate person return

Great Dane Feeding and Nutritional Guides Linda Arndt, a noted Author,Nutritional Consultant, and owner of Blackwatch Great DanesKennels has graciously agreed to allow us to share her feedingguide along with other nutritional articles she has published.Please feel free to print out any

We are a local rescue group (North Texas) looking forgreat permanent homes for abandoned/abused Great Danes. To beeligible to adopt a Dane, you would need to be able to provideannual and emergency veterinary care, a fenced yard, indoor crate,quality dog food (especially