vspace=”5″ width=”300″ height=”143″>If
you are an animal lover and you live in the State of Texas you
need to hear about this!We now have special order license plates
that have a drawing of a cat and dog along with the words
"Animal Friendly" on them. Their sale generates funds
that will subsidize pet spays and neuters throughout the State of
Texas in order to prevent overpopulation. However, the
Legislature placed a sunset provision on the bill that mandates
that a minimum of $500,000 has to be deposited in the fund by
September 1, 2001 before the money can be used for subsidizing
low-cost spays and neuters. They felt that there would not be
enough animal lovers in the State of Texas who would want to
purchase the plates meaning the manufacturing costs would not be
met. It will take about 25,000 sets of the plates to raise the
minimum amount.The license plate fee is $25.00 annually ($20
going to the spay/neuter account) in addition to the regular
registration fee for your vehicle. You can also personalize the
plates for an additional fee.Call the Texas Department of
Transportation and ask for your application form for the Animal
Friendly License Plates. The phone number is (512) 374-5010.You
can also make a direct donation to the Animal Friendly account by
sending your check made out to the Texas Department of Health
Animal Friendly Account to the attention of Mr. Sidney, Fiscal
Director, Texas Department of Health, 1100 West 49th, Austin,
Texas 78756.Let us show the Texas Legislature that Texas is full
of animal lovers and that we care about them! Buy your plates
and/or make a donation today!