New Year, New Beginning

Traditionally the start of the new year resolutions are made symbolizing a fresh start. A time to wipe the slate and start fresh. Eat healthier, drink less, excessive more, and be nicer then necessary. Some resolutions will stick and others fall to the wayside.....

Every Day is a new beginning at GDRNT and responsible rescues.

Many of you have been following Tater Tots story on our Facebook page, or saw the story of Nebulous discovering toys, Kahl thriving after his Addisons diagnosis, watched “The Dude”, Duncan bloodum.

All our Danes are promised a New beginning when welcomed into a GDRNT because of foster families. All our Foster families are resolved to help make these guys well, and day for adoption. GDRNT provides all medical care necessary, monthly heartworm prevention, crate, and foster food.

But it is our Foster homes provide two new beginning. We can only help those danes that we have committed foster homes for. We simply cannot bring dog into the Program without a committed foster spot. Too often we are having to turn away Danes due to a lack of suitable foster space.

So how about it?

In 2020 can you resolve to change save a life and offer it a new beginning.

Do you have what it takes?
A quality foster home will go through an approval process similar to our adopters. There is a vet check, interview and home visit.... Still have questions email us

Go to the Forms section, to complete an online application. Mark the box that says "Foster". Foster applications do not have to pay the processing fee.