In these crazy times many of us feel the need to help others, and so very many of you are heeding that call. Shelters are clearing as volunteers take in new fosters. Neighbors are looking out for each other by buying extra groceries for those most at risk so they can stay home. Essential personnel are risking their health to meet the needs of their communities.

GDRNT is grateful for all of the help we’ve received. For years we have participated in North Texas Giving Day each fall, and you guys have stepped up time and again to support us. This spring, North Texas Giving Day is holding a special drive to reach many non-profits in this community whose needs have grown due to COVID-19 and the economic downturn. Any organization that participated last fall, such as GDRNT, is eligible to participate again this spring. If you have the means and are looking for a way to help others, please consider participating in this special North Texas Giving Day.

Giving Day is May 5, or you can schedule a donation in advance from now through May 4. For a complete list of participating organizations, This is a list of all Non Profits To donate directly to GDRNT here is our NTXGiving GDRNT Link
Once again, thank you for supporting our community during this strange and uncertain time. Together we can help each other weather this storm.