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The Magic Number? 58

When one of our foster homes "fails" and becomes a FURever home... Finally.

55.....56.....57....58.....yep that was the magic number! Johnny was the 58th foster to come through the foster home in the 10 years this family had been fostering and what do you know, Johnny was a keeper!

Zaylie's Big Day

When Zaylie learned we had found the perfect furever home she was so excited. This was her last play date in her foster home and she was telling all her friends about her awesome FURever home. She is truly a lucky girl to have her new FURever family.

Go Zaylie Go

So You Want A Puppy.... Read This.

People often ask us if we have puppies available for adoption, this is a frequent question, so here is the deal.

Puppies are rare in rescue, while we have recently had more than usual, they are still rare in rescue. That being said, adopting out a dane puppy is a unique adventure. The fact that they are in such high demand is a part of the problem. Everyone wants that cute, floppy, uncoordinated adorable dane puppy. What MOST people fail to realize is that cute, adorable uncoordinated puppy is going to get big, and I mean GIANT.

Catching up on Furever Stories

I usually like everyone to have their own individual FURever story but if you read our home page you know it has been more than a little crazy around here.... we are all volunteers working rescue around family, jobs and life. Sometimes the administrative stuff falls behind while we car for the dogs we have committed too.

Jenna, Out of Her Shell, Into Their Hearts

The shelter staff was very concerned about Jenna when she was there because she was so shut down. I call this shelter shock... when I dog is so freaked out in the shelter they are not themselves... they are timid, fearful and may even present some "unwanted" behavior. Somehow we knew different..... Once in a quiet foster home, with a few days to decompress, some groceries and care Jenna began to relax and let her sweet self be known. Jenna still needed groceries, a no puppy pledge and a tail surgery before she could be adopted.

Jenna is not settled in with her FURever family and she has taken over their hearts. Jenna now knows this is her family, and she is furever loved and safe.

Heidi's New Advneture

When you adopt from us you are, better or worse, stuck with us. We have developed some great relationships with past adopters, many who stay on to foster and volunteer. So I was not surprised to hear from one of our more active members that they were ready for a new furkid. Their last dane went to the bridge and they were ready to open their hearts and homes to another dane.

A Grand Home for a Grand Dame

Dallas came to rescue in her golden years. At 9 years old her wild and wooly puppy days were far behind her, and she needed a quiet home that appreciates the special bond of a senior dog. As luck would have it, a past adopter with a soft spot for senior Danes contacted us looking to adopt. This adopter understands the reward of caring for an older dog, and Dallas hit the jackpot! Congratulations to Dallas and her adopter!

Furever home for the New Year

Sybil was not sure why she ended up homeless and took a few days to know she was safe in her foster home but once she felt safe she caught on to the house manners, and being loved. Sybill is such a sweet girl and has found her FURever home with a couple with Dane experience and another sweet pup. She is showing her velcro side to her mom and dad and is already acting like she knows she is FURever home...


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