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Take a Look at me NOW!

I was updating Norman's picture and trying to get some video of him added to his profile when I came across this video. In 2010 one of our FABUTASTIC volunteers did a video to play at our Diva's Dudes and Danes Auction. It features some of the Danes that have come through our program in years past. I have seen it many times and couldn't help watching it again. There are so many days when I wonder if we have an impact, if we can change the world a little bit for the better. This video illustrates that in some way we CAN make a difference...

As a 501c, all volunteer organization every dollar goes directly to the care and rehab of these danes. Every mile a volunteer drives transporting keeps danes off death row, every foster home saves a life. I personally think that is a step toward a better world.

Giving Thanks for the BEST FOSTERS and VOLUNTEERS EVER

GDRNT is an ALL volunteer group, everyone involved gives 110% and without our amazing foster homes, donors, volunteers, sponsors and hard work we could not exist. As of this week 1390 danes have come through our program in the last 11 years! So this Thanksgiving I am very thankful for all of you and what you do for GDRNT. Each of you are a Blessing to us!

Our Veterans and their FurKids

Today is not about political standing. Each of us know someone who has given greatly for our Country. I sometimes think we can not show enough appreciation for our active and retired military. I think this video shows how our dogs best express the appreciation felt by all of us!

Micro Chips WORK!

A Dane is back home tired but safe because of a micro chip! Tonight we got a call from someone who found a great dane with a GDRNT microchip so they called us. When I looked up the chip I realized it was one of my adopters from a few years back and almost hung up on the good stranger trying to dial the adopters! When I got hold of them they had been looking for over two hours!

This Weekend Meet N Greet

INSIDE the Highland Village Petco! Come visit GDRNT between noon and 4:00 on Satuday, November 5th. This is a great time to learn more about our adoption and match program, volunteer opporutnities, and more about great danes! It is also a chance to talk to those of us who live with these gentle giants every day and learn about life with a giant breed!

Petco Highland Village
3194 FM 407
Highland Village, TX 75077

Who has found a FURever home?

a girl as Sweet as HONEY!!! Honey was at a local shelter on stray hold when I went to pick up another dane, the shelter worker explained to me that Honey was sick and that the shelter was treating her but she needed rescue. We were able to pick her up as soon as her hold was up and get her to a veterinarian. She was suffering from a upper respiratory infection, contagious mange and the nasty secondary infections that often come with mange. With the care of our vets and the love and care of one of our FABUTASTIC foster homes...

This weekends FURever homes go to..

I have one of the best jobs in rescue... ADOPTION MEETINGS! Last Night Murdoch and Isabelle both turned on the charm and made it a very hard decision for this guy but in the end Murdoch stole his heart! Watch the video of the adoption meeting turned dane play date. Murdoch is a sweet young dude and I has definitely found his perfect FURever home. These guys are two dudes and I suspect we will be hearing of their adventures soon! (click on READ MORE to find out who else and see the video)

Go Rangers Go!

So how does your Dane show their Ranger Spirit... Visit our Forums and post your Dane showing off their Ranger Spirit! It was not that long ago that nobody would have ever thought the Texas Rangers could be contenders in the World Series! With hard work, time and a team effort here they are in the World Series for the second year in a row. WOO HOOO check them out now!


What it Means to Be a Foster Family

Frequently I am asked the same questions about fostering: How can you foster and let them go? Why do you foster? What does it mean to be a foster? One of our fosters posted what follows on the Forum and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Are you Super Cool? Adopt a pet and you too can be Super cool! Just check the video! It is estimated that over 500 animals enter Dallas Animal Services EACH week! Over 93% are NOT spayed or neutered! In the United States between 3 and 4 MILLION adoptable pets are euthanized each year.... It goes down something like this.... a neighbor's dog has an unplanned litter of puppies. They were going to get her 'fixed', but didn't make the appointment at the vet's office soon enough. It's only 8 puppies, and 5 already have homes.


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