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The Starfiish Story... Why Pet Adoption Matters

It happens frequently enough ..I get that tilted head look.... Trying to explain to someone why I have another dog crate in the den, my suburban smells like "shelter crude", the dog fur on my clothes, why I spend my "spare" time in shelters, at adoptions or in veterinary offices. It can be hard to explain to people why we do what we do. Rescuing can be hard, but how can it be harder than knowing a dog will die because no foster or adopter stepped up? Someone recently sent me a version of "The Starfish Story", by Loren Eiseley (1907 - 1977) which explains it perfectly.

it mattered to that one

Bad News, Good News... 15 Intakes, 1 Month

If you have been following the emails you may have noticed a TON of shelter transport and foster home requests. In the last month we have taken 15 shelter dogs into our program .. FIFTEEN ... Sometimes they came in pairs or multiple requests from the same shelter! Some of these dogs came to us very sick and will need some extended stays in medical foster homes prior to being ready to adopt.... more on that another time..... Because our Intake team ROCKS we did not have to turn down a single North Texas Shelter request for help.

Another FURever home (AGAIN!)

Many of you know of the Weatherford Six who came to us earlier this year - two adult males and four ill puppies. Through the hard-work and love of our fosters and volunteers most of these Danes have found their furever homes with awesome families. Last week was Cash's turn, again. Cash was previously placed with a family who loved him dearly, but shortly after bringing him home they discovered he triggered life-threatening ashtma attacks for their little girl. Given the severity of the situation there was no choice but to bring Cash back to GDRNT.

A FURever home for my foster....

My family has had almost 30 fosters with GDRNT and this FURever home comes with tears of JOY! Many of you have met my foster Brian since he has been here since November when he came to rescue with surgical hardware for his broken leg. He was about 10 months old and had spent two weeks in a vet clinic but needed foster care. He was surrendered to the clinic with a spiral fracture of his back leg that required 9 screws and two steel rods to hold it together. All of his surgery and veterinary care was donated by the clinic he was surrendered to so when the request to foster came in...

Brian week one in rescue
Looking for his FURever home!

This weekends FURever homes go to..

It has been a busy week for rescue.....and I have been bad about FURever home updates so this week FURever homes went to:

ROXY! Roxy came to rescue skinny and needing surgery for a bad cherry
eye. Her loving foster home cared for her and tended to her eye.
Today she found her FURever family and is home. A special Thank you
to Lauren for loving her and making today happen.

Driving Danes

I had never given much thought to "buckling in " Mocha to the back of the suburban when we go out. Frequently I will restrain a foster or transport to keep them from jumping into the front seat, but Mocha is so good in the car I never saw the point. So I intended to write today on the best way to keep your dog safe in the car. Well it turns out it ain't that easy..... There are lots of products marketed to keep your pet safe in a crash, or restrained while driving. Each has merit but what seems to be lacking is any agreement on the best way to protect your furry kid in your vehicle.

Mocha reclined in HER row of my suburban...

Thanks to Those Who Sacrifice for All of Us

“The men and women who gave their lives in service to our country were dedicated to the worthy cause of freedom, and not one of them died in vain. From colonial America to the Persian Gulf, from places such as the Argonne to Normandy, Inchon, and Da Nang—they fought and sacrificed so others might live in peace, free from the fear of tyranny and aggression. On this Memorial Day, our hearts should swell with thankfulness and pride as we reflect on our Nation’s enduring heritage of liberty under law and on the continuing expansion of democratic ideals around the globe.”

A little Tenderness goes a Looonnngggggg Way

Like so many of our fosters I like to document my fosters progress on "film". Some of you have seen my feeble attempts to cohesively put a slide show or movie together that shows off the progress of our danes. You can see them on our YouTube Channel Somehow I never feel like I quite capture the whole story or personality of our dogs. I want the videos to help debunk the Myth that Rescue Dogs are just too damaged, or have too many issues that can't be "cured". I have heard it all.....

In Search of the Magic Pill

Frequently I get calls or emails from past adopters with updates on their Adopted Danes. Most of these updates are cute, funny or just touching base ... I love that! When folks adopt I "Welcome" them to the GDRNT family. We do not adopt and run, we are here for you during good times and bad. Sometimes the updates are not so happy and involve making the hard decisions. These calls that are not so easy. Being entrusted and leaned upon in a time of worry is an honor and privileged I do not take lightly.

A Thank You to Our Foster Moms

    [Author Unknown]
Before I was a Dog Mom: I made and ate hot meals unmolested; I had unstained, unfurred clothes; I had quiet conversations on the phone, even if the doorbell rang.

Before I was a Dog Mom:  I slept as late as I wanted and never worried about how late I got to bed . . . or if I could get into my bed.

Before I was a Dog Mom:  I cleaned my house everyday, I never tripped over toys, stuffies, chewies, or invited the neighbor's dog over to play.


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