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Catching up on FURever homes!

Wow DaneFest was a blast but now we need to catch up on FURever stories! After all that is the best kind of Rescue Story. Our adoption team never rests (actually nobody in rescue ever rests!) So here ya go.. in no particular order:)

Loosing a beloved pet is hard... sometimes it is even harder on the remaining dog. When people apply soon after loosing a beloved pet we always try to be sure they are ready, everyone is different but most folks need some time. However when you are a veteran foster mom and adopter you understand that sometimes your remaining dog needs a friend. This home has weathered the pain before and knew they were ready for another lady to grace the home. Most of all their sweet existing boy who just needs teh comfort of another dog. Talking with her I knew exactly the lady for them! LOVE it when I am right! Chloe was not so sure at first but safe to say she is now the Queen sharing her Castle with her King .. and their loving momma! Keep an eye out because I bet we see them at events!

Another girl that stayed with us way to long... WIley... This sweet girl came to us with an injury that took some time to get better but once she was all good to go it did not take long for a FURever family to snatch her up! Now Ms Wiley is sharing her home with a kitty and family who adore her but also are willing to continue this young girls training! It is such an amazing thing to see a scared injured dog go to loving, happy family member!

Mature Lady finds FURever loving home! OK now this one makes my heart sing... (ok they all do really) Mia is one of our "Mature Ladies" who people too frequently over looked simply because of her age! We had an approved adopter with a busy home of three children, one who is extra special and we wanted to be sure we had a dane who had a track record with small children and the "love" that comes with them. We knew Mia was the girl for them! This family loved the idea that she was mature and past the mischievous puppy stuff. The adoption coordinator reported this was a slam dunk! I can report that the children adore Mia and it is a mutual love fest! Yipeeeeee!

Speaking of Mischevious puppies... you may have noticed that Chelsea is no longer availible.. that is because she too found her FURever home! This sweet young couple had a great set up for a young pup and was willing to continue her training to be sure she grows into a beautiful lady!

Which brings us to Wrangler! Wrangler is a young pup looking for love! On a yucky, freezing cold, day his family drove over an hour to introduce Wrangler to their existing FURkid... I am not sure who fell in love first or harder but this big extended loving family knew Wrangler was meant to be theirs and scooped him up to FURever!

Whew... I think that brings us up to speed for now:):) A giant THANK YOU to all our foster families, volunteers and supporters who make FURever stories possible!

Tis the Season!!!

Severe storm season appears to be here! Texas weather is as crazy as crazy gets... The forecast calls for possible sever weather so it is a good time to review some safety tips:

A heavy Heart..

It is with a heavy heart that I have to report some sad news. Adopter, Foster, Volunteer and overall friend of GDRNT Sharie Beebe lost her valiant battle with cancer this morning. Sharie and her family are great friends to GDRNT and our hearts, prayers, and dane hugs are with Mark and family.

Those who knew Sharie understood her commitment to Rescue and love of animals, specifically danes. The following poem puts to words how I see her spending her today. Her caring heart, loving spirit and smile will be missed.

Rescue does NOT take a Spring Break! Not for Adoptions!

But I did! Combine that with DANEFEST! Danes Unleashed! and the normal crazy cray cray of rescue and the good news gets put off! Our gorgeous adoption ladies have been hard at work graduating danes from foster to FURever!

First a side note: I am not sure if it is the full moon, time of year or what.. but intake requests have been over the top lately. If you are an approved foster home, an adopter thinking of fostering now is a great time to speak up! If you have questions about fostering and are considering it please email us

Now for the news you have all been waiting for:

More frequently when a dane comes to us they are in need of specialized medical care. So it was with sweet Kate! This happy adorable girl had a large, I mean softball size, lump on her side. It did not bother her but obviously would continue to grow and had to go.... at the time we did not know exactly what it was but its size was concerning. Once removed everyone was excited to learn that it was a benign mass filled with yucky but harmless stuff. (OK I know that is not the medical term but you get the idea) YIPEEE. Kate's stay, like many of our danes, was longer than it should have because of her medical hold but once she was ready it did not take long!!! Kate's FURever family waited for the right match for their family and it was "A dream come true!" YIPEEEEEE and CONRATS to all!

Before and After... Lady Eleanor! Skinny emaciated danes are sadly common in rescue and one of my "buttons". I understand times are hard and danes can be expensive to feed but this type of emaciation takes time .. ( I generally try to not pass judgment on the people in their past but sometimes I wonder.....) In her foster home Lady Elanor was put on a special diet that allowed her to safely and slowly gain her weight and strength. WOW what a beautiful lady with a great heart ... all she needed was some love and groceries!! Eleanor knew at her adoption meeting this was her FURever home .. it was Magic! Imagine how awesome it must feel to suddenly know love and that you will never be starved again! HAPPY DANCE!

Nobody loves these stories more than me... none of this could happen without all your support! If you can come to the FUNdraiser DaneFest.. if you can't come consider buying a t shirt, raffle tickets or making a donation! FUNdraising keeps us going!

Drum Roll and Happy Tears!

Zoey has been adopted after waiting a very long time for the family she so desperately needed. Zoey is an only dog in her new home and will be shown all the love she deserves. Three kids to get extra hugs from and a new Mom and Dad that want to give her tons of love and the comfort joys of life.

A Princess Finds her Magic Kingdom

Fiona was one of those girls who has been with us way longer than she should. She is pretty, oh so sweet and has not met a heartbeat she did not like! If you are familiar with Fiona of the Shrek Movies you know the story of what first appears to be a flawed Princess. In a way our Fiona's story is the same. Our Fiona came to us with a mild hip displasia that scared a few potential FURever homes... people could not see past it and see her amazingness. So she patiently waited for her Kingdom to come to her. This weekend Fiona found her Shrek.. only his name is Hunter and he comes with some awesome Parents! It was one of those adoption meetings that makes your heart sing! Hunter and Fiona played and romped while we made if official! So Congrats to Fiona and her FURever Family! (Insert Royal Trumpet sounds here!)

A huge thank you to everyone who makes these moments possible!

Those of you who have already bought Diva, Dudes & Dane Tickets AWESOME.. we have what looks like a fun crowd already but For those of you delaying go get them.. I am going to leave open Advance Tickets till tomorrow night..

If you do not have Paypal but want to take advantage of advance ticket pricing $30 vs $40 at the door.. shoot me an email...
Divas Dudes & Danes for tickets.

When it is Worth the Wait...

Sometimes we have a hard time figuring out the magic match for a sweet foster dog... This is especially frustrating when you have a young lady as precious as Shiloh. EIGHT months this sweet girl stayed in loving foster care.. As awesome as our foster homes are they should be the SECOND best home our danes ever have...we are just their loving caretakers while they await their bestest, awesomest home: Their FURever home. Like most of our danes, Shiloh probably never had it as good as she did in foster care but we knew better.

Shiloh was a shy frightened pup when she came to us but learned to trust her people and learn the ropes from the other danes in the home. She learned to trust her people, play and just be a happy dog. It is sort of funny when a dog has been kept outside.. initially they are wary of
"inside" but they catch on fast that IN the house is the place to be.

Adoption day was magic Shiloh knew. I love that.. when a foster acts like "hey what took you guys so long?". Then it is time for one last thankful snuggle with their foster mom and off to love on their FURever family. (Happy tears all around!)

So a huge YIPEEE, CONGRATS and WAHOOOO to Shiloh and her FURever family! You guys were worth the wait!

a FURever Bro-Mance

The Big B came back to rescue because he and the existing cat just could not make it work. Just because a dog can live happily with one cat doesn't always mean they can live with every cat.

Brett is what we call a velcro dane.. he LOVES his people and always want to be with them.. stuck to them like velcro:) So when he came back we knew we had the perfect spot for him... great dad with a work from home schedule and no cat. This is your typical BROmance and these two have already started a training class and are planning an RV Road trip!

So a huge thank you to the Foster families and everyone who made this possible! and don't be surprised if you see these two fun loving guys at DaneFest April 12!

Overdue FURever Home!

It was finally Clark's turn to find his forever home. Clark came into rescue with a severe case of heartworms. He was so lethargic and lifeless that we thought he might be close to being a senior. It took Clark a little longer to clear of the heartworms, but once he did clear, he felt better, got some good food and a fantastic foster home he was a different dog.

Clark is now sharing a home with a Rhodesian sister that is happy she has a buddy to play and nap with. He is also sporting the new name of Einstein.

Thank you to everyone that participated in Clark's journey to his new home.

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