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No Longer on the Road...

As an all volunteer organization, we rely on the generosity of volunteers to keep saving Danes. We have a few fostes who have been with us for more Danes then they car to admit. So many have been a special needs foster home and nursed many a pup to FURever homes or the years.

One of these homes is never lonely but something was missing. After the passing of one of the personal Danes ther was avoid that no foster could fill Until now:)

FURever Love at First SNIFF!

Floyd came to rescue like many of the "young guns" happy silly young male with few manners! Floyd has a loving dane heart, and personality of a pup but the energy of .... well lets just say the dude exudes joy .. like a lot.. !

A Home For Cookie

Sometimes a dog comes to us so shut down, frightened and fearful they simply do not know how to be a dog. This sounds crazy right? I mean how does a dog not know how to wag a tail, eat from a bowl, go outside or even get lovin from their Hu-mom? Some dogs leave their baggage at the shelter door, others may take a few days to realize they are safe.... but a few find it so hard to learn to trust and just be a FURkid.

"The One" a FURever story

Every FURever story is special and dear to my heart. My favorite part of all this is getting to do adoptions.

Every Foster parent will tell you about "the one"; that particular foster who touches you so deeply, but you know they cannot stay. Recognizing that no matter how much you love them; it is hard realizing your home is NOT the best FURever home; not their Happy Ever After... that there is a better home.

Athena has Found Her Olympia

Prior to coming to rescue sweet Athena had been bounced around through several homes by no fault of her own. GDRNT promised her when she came to us we would find her FURever Olympia! As far as we know all her past homes treated her very well but ended up not able to keep her for various reasons. Athena was a very good lady in foster care and we knew we could find her FURever spot. We just needed the right family to come forward....

Guess what we did last weekend?

After a bit of a dry spell our adoption team worked overtime last weekend to complete adoptions for FIVE of our danes!!!!! Gotta love when we have a bunch of approved applications that match with a bunch of furkids looking for FURever homes! This took a ginormous about of coordination and work our adoption team but they did it!!!!

FURever Catch up!

Mila has found her FURever home! This girl is so sweet and just wanted a home to love her and spoil her just the right amount! An experienced dane home was looking to add to their family and MIla was a perfect fit for them and their other FURkids! Right from the start Mila knew this was her FURever home and has settled into her Happy FURever after!

Ranger has also found his FURever home! IT sounds like a broken record but the story is similar. Ranger came into rescue Heartworm Positive and feeling not so great.. but the love of a foster home and the right veterinary care and he turned out to be one awesome dude! This guy was a character and loved to hang out with his people and "supervise"... but when that yard was done you better be ready to play! Ranger has found a great home with his FURever Family!!

Congrats Ranger!

and last but not least! Some times a furever home just sort of finds us.... While attending a party at the foster home, a friend hit it off instantaneously with Boudreaux! As soon as she got home she applied and went through the entire approval process and was approved to adopt! AND her Boy was still available! The adoption meeting was more like a reunion .. I think our big dude picked his FURever mom and knew it was just meant to be!

None of this could happen without our amazing foster homes and volunteers! So a huge THANK YOU to all

The Long Road Home!

Another forever home is found! When Griffin first came to rescue his body was in some of the worst shape we have seen in rescue. He was covered in open sores, skin and bones, HW + and NO manners, but his spirit was still going strong! What an amazing transformation he went through over the months he was in rescue. He put on over 40lbs, learned how to live with a family, be obedient, was neutered, tail docked and treated for heartworms. He hit the jackpot getting into rescue, but he hit the Mega-jackpot when it came to his forever home!


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