I am not sure where to start. Sometimes rescue sucks….we all know that……. Sometimes no matter what you do the right thing is the one thing you least want….. but no matter how long we do this … it still sucks.

Meet sweet Stromy.

Stormy came to us from a local shelter when they knew she needed more Emergency care then they could provide. Without hesitation a GDRNT volunteer stopped her day and went straight to the shelter where it took several people and a cart to get her into the transport vehicle. Yet this sweet girl still had a tiny tail wag and gentle soul. We called ahead to the veterinarian and set a plan to try to save her…….. to try to assure she would have a quality of life. But it was not meant to be..

Together with our caring veterinary staff, the difficult decision was made to release her from her suffering. There was no amount of medical care, money, time or love that could bring her back so she was granted the dignity of a peaceful send off with some loving hands, a kiss and tears.

So as we approach the season of Gratitude.. we are grateful for our dedicated volunteers, veterinary staff and donors who allowed us to have the money to try.

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