We Wish a Happy Hanukkah to all our friends celebrating the 8 days of celebration with family and friends. Please remember that this special time presents special hazards for your furry family members! Here are 5 tips to avoid the emergency vet and have a peaceful and calm Hanukkah:

1: Sufganiyot – Otherwise known as doughnuts, are filled with artificial sugars, jelly, and heavy on fat and calories. They are a wonderfully delicious treat for us but can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and decreased appetites in our pets. Be very careful to not let your canine buddy get any of these doughnuts and make sure your cat isn’t counter surfing and licking up any ingredients that are laying about in the sink.

2: Latkes – They are savory and taste amazing but they have onion in them. Onions can cause anemia in dogs and cats and are dangerous for them to ingest. Also, the fried oil, sour cream, and other ingredients used to make them can make your dog and cat’s digestive system extremely upset.

3: Chocolate coins – This is a traditional candy that children receive each year and they are wrapped in shiny gold and silver foil. The foil, chocolate, and netting that they come in can be dangerous for your pets. Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine. Dogs cannot digest these two ingredients well at all and in extreme cases it can be fatal. If your pet eats and swallows the foil and net bag, they can experience extremely uncomfortable bowel movements and may end up having blockages in extreme cases. Keep these away from your pets.

4: Dreidels – They look like toys to dogs. Cats may smack them a little and then leave them alone but dogs might think they are a toy for them and pick them up in their mouths. If your dog swallows a dreidel or other small objects, it could cause blockages in their digestive tracts. Keep these and other game pieces out of reach of your pet and small children.

5: The Menorah – This is an essential symbol for Hanukkah. The candles that are lit as each night passes can pose a danger if you have a pet that leaps, bounds, and runs around the house. The menorah could fall over or your pet might singe their fur sniffing it. Keep the menorah high and away from where your pet can reach it. Make sure it’s on a stand or stable surface so if your dog comes galloping into the room, s/he doesn’t shake it off and risk starting a fire.

Thanks to our friends at http://www.petswelcome.com/articles/5-safety-tips-for-hanukkah.html

Dr. Patrick Mahaney has another video for us with some pet safety tips specifically for those of you who will be celebrating Hanukkah. You may not realize how dangerous Hanukkah can actually be for your pets. And we mean more than them accidentally eating your chocolate Hanukkah gelt. Check out the video to learn how much of a danger candles can actually pose to pets.

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