StitchStitch is a beautiful adult male Great Dane. His foster family says the following about him: “Stitch really is a cool guy! He has impeccable manners inside the house. I don’t know if he ever got to play with toys because he seemed at first not to know what do with them. He STILL falls for the throwing the toy and putting it behind your back. Not nice, but pretty funny! Stitch needs lots of love and hugs, I don’t think he got very many of those. He is a gorgeous boy. And like I said he has great manners inside and can run like the wind outside. We have 4 other dogs in our house and he lets the Rottweiler puppy climb all over him. He plays with her a lot, the other dogs go the other way when they see her but he is very gentle. He has mastered: sit, down, settle and he is very very gentle when he takes something out of your hand. Stitch likes the water and loves to carry sticks around in his mouth while he trots outside. Stitch goes in his crate very easily and is quiet while in his crate. He really is the “perfect” dane.”

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