MoeMoe is the sweetest, gentlest Dane we have had the fortune to meet. His graying muzzle makes him look older that he actually must be, as he still enjoys being able to romp and wants to play, except that in our household with a bunch of old fogies, he doesn’t get much of a chance. He is extremely gentle around our three small dogs. And is even more tolerant of our miniature Schnauzer puppy who will nip and play with anything that moves. Moe is not afraid of men, but he prefers women and listens and obeys them better (i.e. he gets in his crate for Lynn and her mom, but ignores me). Moe has been basic trained and sits when told, usually holding out his right paw when doing so. On the leash he is again very gentle, with no leash or fence aggression, and no tugging. If provoked by our other dogs, he will chase the cat, but has never been the instigator.