DocDoc’s ear has been chronically infected for so long that it is completely closed up and he needs a $600 surgery to open it up again. Thanks to several generous donaters, we’ve reached our goal and we can continue to help danes like Doc who need special medical attention. Doc has had his surgery and is doing well!


Doc was confiscated by animal control and was obviously an outside dog
before coming to rescue. He was emaciated, infested with worms, had ear
infection, and his hair was bleached from being kept outside in the sun.

The surgery is called a Total Ear Canal Ablation (TECA) with Bulla Osteotomy. – This is reserved for end-stage ear disease when the health and function of the horizontal canal cannot be restored. It is desirable to avoid this drastic surgery, but all dogs with chronic otitis media should have this surgery rather than live with the disease. If we can extrapolate from human experience, otitis media is a painful condition. Dogs with unresolved otitis media are subject to several sources of misery: Pain on opening their mouths, continuous pain from pressure on the tympanum until it ruptures, deep infection of the soft tissue of the horizontal canal. This occasionally results in draining tracts opening on the lateral neck, side of the face.

UPDATE FROM FOSTER HOME: Poor Doc, his ear is swollen shut and he holds his head sideways
because it hurts, but he lets me clean it out and medicate it every day
with no complaints. It’s like he knows I am trying to make it better. He
has some sort of magnetism about him and everyone who meets Doc falls in
love with him instantly. He is the sweetest dog and very well mannered!
He has adapted quite well to indoor living and loves to sleep on the
cool tile in the kitchen, but is not opposed to a cushy dog bed either.
Doc needs someone who will love him like he deserves and appreciates
what an awesome boy he is!

Please send checks with “Doc Surgery” written in the memo portion to GDRNT, PO BOX 40425, Fort Worth, TX 76140-0425. You can also donate via PayPal by clicking on the link on our website. Doc thanks you!

$600 collected already! (thanks J.S.! thanks to those who participated in emergency garage sale! thanks L.S. for your generous donation!)

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