For a Happy July 5th! Prepare for the 4th!

Was thinking in a pandemic, with more people staying home and fewer events that July 5th will be slower for shelters. But it is 5 am on July 4th and just on my Next-door there are several dogs who have gotten loose during (illegal?) firework displays or parties.

GDRNT wants you to have a Happy FIFTH of July! Seriously. The 5th of July is single busiest day at animal shelters across the country. Fireworks and Cookouts are fun but can be hazardous for your pets. Loud explosions, flashing lights, open gates are just some of the hazards for your pet. Did you know that 30% of all “lost” animals annually occur on the evening of the 4th of July; most of these runaways could have been prevented with a few simple measures. Many animals are terrified of fireworks and even those normally unafraid of loud noises can find the barrage of lights and booms too much. So while you are preparing to enjoy your celebration take a few minutes to prepare your pets.
  • I.D. Make sure your pet has accurate identification on their collar and either a microchip or you can write your phone number on them.
  • SECURE. Be sure your fence and gates are secure and that no loose boards or holes will allow your dog to flee when afraid.
  • PUParazzi. Take a recent pic of your pet with your smartphone. Just in case.
  • AIR CONDITIONING PLEASE. The best place to secure your pet is inside the home in their "safe place". If he is used to being crated, that is the best place for him. If not, crating him could actually increase his anxiety. If your dog will be loose in the house, it is a good idea to close the shades and curtains and turn all the lights on so that he will not notice the flashing of the fireworks. Also turn the TV on and increase the volume a bit so that the ka-booms and whistles will be muted.
  • DE-STRESS. Prior to the festivities take your dog for a long walk. A tired dog may be less inclined to be stressed. If you dog is still stressed occupying their mind with simple basic obedience can help. Be sure not to coddle a frightened stressed dog because you can inadvertently reinforce the behavior.

With a few preparations everyone can have a Happy Forth of July and FIFTH!