From Shelter to FURever Diva Dane

Sweet Phoebe had a hard life and found herself in the care of a shelter who reached out to GDRNT to see if we could help. Phoebe came to her foster home in sad shape. She was skinny, heartworm positive, and scared. Her life had taught her that humans were not to be trusted and cruel. Phoebe had never lived inside and her new surroundings were frightening, yet she held out hope, and somehow found the stregth to try to trust her foster family.

Phoebe had to learn how to be a house dog and family member. She had to trust these strange humans after being let down by others. Potty training, crate training, leash walking, kind hands and regular meals were all things she had to get used to ...

Her foster family would not give up , remained patient and continued on with training and love. It took some time but Phoebe has turned around and become a fabutastic diva dane and so loves her foster family that they have decided to make her FURever.

We are so happy for Phoebe and so proud of our foster homes. Every day our foster homes provide so much care, love and training to help our foster pups not only get healthy but also be good family members to furever homes. Sometimes FURever isn't so far away and a foster wiggles in so tight with a family they are already FURever home.

Fostering saves lives, but so does FUNDraising... to be a part of Happy Ever After Stories come for a fun evening of Diva, Dudes and Danes.
Enjoy a humans only event of fun, food, awesome silent auction items and see friends new and old... who will also be wearing some dog hair and drool stains.