Do You See What I See?

Taken from a distance because if they see me they come running... I mean that is what puppies do right? They see people and come running for loving, treats and just because ... puppies. They look pretty cute huh? Sunning themselves, rolling in the grass, wrestling and napping. Just being happy silly puppies. I mean what else is in these pictures?

Or do you see what I see?
I see progress. At about 12 weeks old these babies found themselves in an area shelter, underweight, partially bald, infected skin and mange. But that wasn't the worst of it... they were terrified... like of everything.... humans, dogs, toys, crate..... even GRASS.... it was like they had never experienced what it meant to be a puppy. If you tried to touch them they crouched and shook, the grass might have well been lava and other dogs dinosaurs. They did not play, cuddle or even whimper....

Do you see what I see?
The joyful results of the hard work of fostering. No it isn't always pretty. There were soiled kennels, late nights, vet visits, sleeping on soft bedding, and learning to trust. Every day they trusted the world more, gained weight and got healthier.... learned how to be normal mischievous puppies.

Do you see what I see?
Fostering saves lives. You do not need a cape... it might help ... but it isn't required. You just need to open your home to a dane in need who needs a place to crash while they await a furever home You just need to open your heart to meet a dog where their head is at... and teach them how to be a furever dog.. that may mean potty training, or basic manners... you just start at whatever level your foster dog is at. You just need a desire to make a difference... it could save a life.