Training for Disasters... Is Your Pet Ready to Weather the storm?

While the main stream media is fixated on politics the devastation of Hurricane Matthew remains. The amount of suffering, fear and fight for daily survival is ongoing and will take months if not years to reverse. Our hearts and prayers are with those displaced and those asked to deploy and respond to help all souls. From Texas we have numerous Emergency Responders putting their lives on hold, risking their safety for other humans and animals.

Authorities learned from previous big storms .. people want to evacuate with their pets and as a result many shelters have been set up to accommodate families with pets so .many families evacuated with their furkids.

But is your pet ready? Have you trained your pet in a way that will help minimize their stress .. and yours.. in the event of an evacuation? Basic obedience is important for a good family furkid but there are some things you can train for .. just in case... I mean you practice fire drills with your children, why not practice with your pets.

Crate Train you pet.
If you evacuate your pet will need to be in a crate/carrier.. no it isn't mean. your pet should be trained that the crate is a safe place. most shelters that allow pets require them to be crated. If your pet is injured and needs treatment they will need to be crated at the veterinary office. Simple folks part of training your pet should be teaching them the crate is a positive safe place.

Muzzle Train your pet.
I know, I know.. YOUR dog would never bite.. would never hurt anyone.. and you are right... however in a chaotic situation, injured or just fearful pets may strike out. Teaching your pet that the muzzle is no big deal just is an added layer of protection for everyone.

Small Spaces
Our tornado safe room is a decent size but with all of us and up to 4 danes it can be "cozy" so I practice with my danes laying in the shower or tub with no water.. just as a safe place to hang out. So for anyone who has been to my house that is why there are treats in my bathroom.

Not sure how to do any of this... well it isn't hard .. check out any positive reinforcement trainer in your area, or check out videos on YouTube.

So Many Pets Survived Hurricane Matthew Because Shelters Took in Their Whole Families

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