Why I Donate

My Dane turns 4 today! While that may not seem like a big deal on the surface, it is a big deal when you know that she never would have made it past six months without GDRNT. Every birthday, I get her a special treat, make her wear a silly party hat, and take cute photos to celebrate another year. I do these things to commemorate the hard work and partnership of GDRNT and the shelter that placed her in their care. Plus, she loves the treats and attention!

Daphne Delilah came to rescue as a six-month-old puppy when she was diagnosed with parvovirus. At some point she received her first round of puppy vaccines, but she never received the subsequent boosters needed to build immunity. Parvovirus ravages the gastrointestinal tract and, if untreated, results in death. Even with treatment, there is no guarantee of recovery. Treatment typically includes hospitalization, fluids, and antibiotics, and the costs add up quickly.

Daphne’s original family could not afford treatment but could not bear to euthanize her. Instead, they contacted a local shelter and begged for help. Parvovirus is highly contagious, and shelters cannot take in dogs with this disease. Instead of letting her die, the shelter called GDRNT for help. A GDRNT foster slept by Daphne’s crate for three nights to make sure she received fluids and remained stable. Thanks to the foster’s diligence, Daphne pulled through. Around the time Daphne was ready for adoption, my husband and I lost our Dane to old age. Our senior Dane left a huge hole in our hearts, and we were matched with a goofy, healthy puppy – Daphne! Today, she is still goofy and loves to snuggle with her people. Daphne’s love for life brings a smile to my face on a daily basis.

GDRNT’s available Great Danes come from local shelters. Most of them have medical needs which require treatment before these dogs are placed in their furever homes. Without donations from the community, GDRNT would not be able to help dogs like Daphne live happy, healthy lives with loving families.

Tomorrow, we all have a chance to help GDRNT qualify for a donation from North Texas Giving Day. A minimum donation of $25 to GDRNT through the NTX Giving Day portal qualifies for the matching program. Your donation will help a Dane like Daphne make it to a well-deserved furever home.

- Daphne's Furever Mom

Happy Birthday Daphne!
Daphne on Her Way to GDRNT