The Lesson: An Open Heart Can Heal

Some of you may have seen this video short, but the lesson is worth posting here. Like many rescues, GDRNT has a Matchmaker Program for Approved Adopters. While we want to know your preferences, your wish list or whose little profile peeked your interest........ we also want you to have a FURever match. Not just for your family but for our foster pups.

Our Matchmaker Program is to help find a foster dog whose personality, temperament and energy level match your entire family. ONline profiles are snippets of our pups... but because our dogs are in foster homes we get to know them pretty good. We learn their likes, dislikes, fears, energy level and personalities. There is no way to adequately tell their entire story on line. For example if you have children we would match you with dogs who have a proven history of living comfortably with children... If you work all day, you need a dog who is cool with you gone all day.... I could go on, but you get the idea.

So keep an open heart when looking for your new furkid.... you may not get the pup you want, but chances are you will get the pup you need.