Rahr & Sons Fundraiser, Saturday, July 25th

Come to Rahr & Sons Brewing Company on Saturday July 25th for a good cause. Come get up close and personal with a gentle giant and learn about GDRNT. Saturday Brewery Tour & Tasting at Rahr & Sons Brewing Company, 701 Galveston Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104

Please note that personal dogs are not allowed but we will have some gentle giants there working the crowd. There will be volunteers to answer any questions about life with a dane, and some cool dane gear. So come on down and support GDRNT and check out an awesome local business.

Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. opens its doors to the public every Saturday from 1-3PM. It’s not only a good opportunity for you to see first-hand where and how your beer is made, but it’s also a great chance for us to meet you in person!

Rahr is a family-friendly establishment, so expect to see strollers, kiddos, and grandparents. Usually there is a food truck to provide yummy treats and often local music! Check out the website at Rahr & Sons Brewing

What to expect:
You’ll be asked for your ID – we card everyone. There is a $10 entrance fee for anyone over 18. A tour of the brewery and a Rahr & Sons pint glass are included, and, as always, the beer samples are free (only guests 21 years or older get to taste the beer). A portion of the entrance fees are donated to our selected Charity of the Week.

Upon arrival, you will receive complimentary beer sampling tickets. From 1-2PM, three sampling tickets will be available. From 2-2:15PM, two will will be available. From 2:15-2:30PM, one ticket will be given. After 2:30PM, sampling tickets will not be handed out. So, be sure to get here in plenty of time to make the most of your visit. Remember, the taps open at 1PM!

Once inside the brewery you can expect to line up for a pint of beer. After that, feel free to visit the gift shop or find a spot to sit at one of the picnic tables. Smoking is permitted on the back dock (not inside the brewery).

Please note that the brewery is an open-air facility, which means no air conditioning. Please dress accordingly during summer months.

The guided tour typically starts at 2:30pm, near the place where you check-in (signs mark the way or you can just follow the crowd). If you’re lucky, the tour will be led by Fritz Rahr, Founder of Rahr & Sons (his family has a long history of brewing and he has some pretty good stories to tell). But don’t worry if one of our Assistant Brewers leads your tour – they’ve heard Fritz’s stories so many times they’re able to re-tell them with as much excitement and hand gestures as their fearless leader. And as an added bonus, they may have a story or two to share about Fritz that he would never share himself…

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Rising Above Great Dane Funding

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