What would you do in a pet emergency? STOP RIGHT NOW

As last nights storms lightened up, on the way to dinner with family we drove up on a frightening scene. Traffic stopped in both directions, people standing on the side of the road and a women near hysterics carrying a critically injured dog. The dog was not hers and the visibly upset owner was running from a nearby home. The man was in shock and did not know the location of the closest after hours ER Veterinary clinic. I was able to give him directions and off he went... assuring me he was ok.... I do not know what happened after that.......

This is a cautionary story of how even the best pet owners can find themselves faced with an Emergency, so I am asking all of you RIGHT NOW GOOGLE locations and directions to the CLOSEST AFTER HOUR ANIMAL EMERGENCY CLINIC! DO THIS RIGHT NOW AND ADD IT TO YOUR CONTACTS! Seconds can count and in an emergency your brain may not click as fast and logically as normal

A few other things to remember:

  • Know the hours of your own veterinary office and ask them where they refer in the event of after hour emergency. Keep this info in your phone.
  • Consult your veterinarian if you have more than one clinic close by. Your veterinarian may refer you to different clinics for different types of emergencies.
  • Do a little research... There is a difference between a 24 hour clinic and after hour Emergency Clinic.After Hour Emergency Clinics are only open in the evening, 24 hours on weekends and holidays. Basically they are open when your normal veterinarian is closed.
  • A 24 hour Clinic generally will handle the big emergencies and those things that probably can't/shouldn't wait for normal office hours. Many of these clinics will be less expensive for minor emergencies than after hour clinics.