Griffin UPDATE!

The beginning of the month we shared the intake story of Griffin. I wanted to share the update from his foster mom... since this update he has been well enough to take his "NO PUPPY Pledge" (sounds nicer than neuter:), and had surgery to fix his "happy tail" that refused to close and heal! Griffin is also started to catch on to house manners, potty training and crate rules... all things he should have learned way before now.. but he is catching on! Once he heals from surgery and finishes heartworm treatment he will be ready for an experienced FURever home!

Griffin's first vet visit consisted of a bath since he stunk to high heaven and had all sorts of scrapes, scratches and stuff on his fur. What was originally thought to be scabs or road rash along his face, ear and leg was actually maroon paint. He cleaned up pretty good, but it also made it so obvious that this sweet boy had been mistreated and had a hard life. He had happy tail, deep cuts and puncture wounds on his legs, very emaciated and heartworm positive. It was going to be a long medical rehabilitation road for him. He wasn't even healthy enough to get neutered or start treatment of any sort. So off he went to his new foster home with as much enthusiasm as possible.

Even though he had to be feeling like crap, he was loving and sweet to both his new fur siblings and humans in the house. He wasn't shy about letting his people know when he was hungry by sniffing counters and trash cans were a source of substance for him in the past so he was checking those out often.

Here we are two weeks later and happy to report that he has adjusted very well to the foster home, gaining good weight, making himself at home, sleeps in his crate every night, knows how to sit for his dinner, has learned some basic commands and is learning to walk on a leash, rides great in the car and loves, loves, loves everyone he meets. His handsome looks and great personality are making him very popular.

He has now begun the expensive & painful treatment to get rid of his heartworms and hopefully in another 30 days can be neutered. His wounds are receiving treatment and starting to close up. He is a gem in the making .........

Griffin is just one of many examples of what GDRNT does. We can not survive with out donations to cover medical expenses like Griffin receives. If you would like to contribute to Griffin's medical expenses or just donate to the organization in general click on donation button on the home page. Griffin thanks you, as do all the other danes in our program, for without you this would not be possible.

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