Before You ask Santa for a Puppy....

On average we get 7 to 10 requests a day for owner surrenders. SEVEN TO TEN A DAY.... people asking us to take their great dane because they either no longer can or want to provide for an animal they committed to. Some of these people are no doubt in dire straights due to illness or other tragic event, but too many, TOO MANY simply did not do even basic research before committing to a furry family member. We are just one group, one breed.. so how many animals out there are considered "disposable"? The Following recently found its way to a certain online classified and is a tongue and cheek take on what Animal Shelters/Rescues hear.... So read it over and before you ask Santa for that new furry friend.

Hi, I have a 2 year old pure bred Great Shepdanepoo that needs to be re-homed. He is AKC, CKC, NFL, MLB, MBA, FIFA and 100% BS certified. His mom was a German Shepherd (maybe a Mali) and dad a Great Dane.

Sadly I can't keep him anymore. When I first adopted him I never ever thought that I might have to move. Apparently, no pets are allowed anywhere in this country besides where I currently live. Also, I can no longer give him the attention he deserves b/c I think I'm pregnant; so it's okay to give him up, right? Don't worry I'll never tell my child I owned a dog only to give him up. B/c that would be teaching him or her that when life gets hard just dump your problems onto someone else and make excuses for your own lack of responsibility.

Anyways, this dog is annoying. He requires a solid exercise routine. I have to exercise him mentally and physically (that's right both kinds of exercise) for a minimum of 3 hours everyday. I have to be out of the house by 5 am (rain or shine) to go on a bike ride with him for 45 mins. Then I play fetch, tug o war, hide n seek and other games. Followed by some training. This is all done before I go to work so he can stay asleep and calm in his crate until I come back about 8 hours later. When I do come back I have to exercise with him some more, ughhhh. If I don't do this he whines and yelps the rest of the day. Who would have thought that a working breed mix would have this much energy.

He slobbers and farts a lot. He always manages to get water onto my kitchen floor instead of into his mouth. He eats everything, seriously, everything. I have to make sure that my floors are free of socks, leather/cloth materials, tissue paper, really any paper, certain shoes and small plastic things b/c he will eat it. I have to be so tidy and clean now, its frustrating. He snores like a trombone. Don't be fooled by his 80 lb body my friend b/c he is a lap dog, whether you like it or not. He barks like a maniac at anyone who walks past my fenced backyard (esp. if he hasn't been exercised). Meaning, I actually have to go outside and tell him to be quiet, otherwise he won't stop. He tracks in a s*** ton of mud. When he's sick I have to take him to the vet or else he just lies there looking lifeless. Btws, who would have thought that seeking services from a professional who went to school for 8 years or so would be expensive, really. Blows my mind.

He is excellent w/ kids, great w/cats, and good w/ other dogs . But he must be supervised while around them b/c of his size. He is not super friendly towards adult strangers, not aggressive just aloof. He does walk well on a leash but you need to be strong and firm b/c if he sees a rabbit, fox, deer, squirrel, or bicyclist (random right) he will try to run after it. So you must know how to handle that situation (and hitting him is not handling it).

All in all, when I first went to go adopt a dog I was really looking for a dog like Lassie or Rin-tin-tin. He is nothing like them. What a disappointment.

He is up to date on all his shots, according to the second family that returned him to the shelter. Yup, his balls are gone but his sack is still there.

Wait, I've changed my mind he is no longer free. There is a re-homing fee of $300.00. I want to recoup some of the money I spent on him. Heck, I'll even throw in the cats for free. They also require a decent amount of work; I have to clean their litter box everyday, pet them and play with them w/ a piece of string for at least an hour (b/c I don't want them looking like Garfield). I just don't think I have time or money for that.

Never mind, who am I kidding. Despite everything I mentioned above I love him to death. This dog loves me despite the many flaws I have. He has loved me better than most men I have been with. And I am willing to put in the time, money and effort to keep him. B/c I know that this kind of love, this pure unconditional love, is hard to come by. Hope everyone here may come to that realization themselves.

P.S. I was never going to give them up, just in case you guys didn't get that. Happy Holidays.