$20 MicroChip, An Early Gift for your Pet, Saturday

This event has been postponed

The Ho Ho HO and Fa La La is in full swing! What better gift for your pet than a MicroChip? Need a fun Holiday foto with fido? How about some freshly made treats for you furkids? It is a Trifecta of Tinsel this Saturday at Three Dog Bakery, Plano. GDRNT will be offering $20 Microchips from 11:00 to 3:00, all proceeds from MicroChipping go directly to Saving Danes from Area Shelters. So much fun even the GRINCH is showing up at 1:00 (and will stay till 5:00) to have his pics taken with your pet! I wonder how much his heart will grow Saturday. Get a bunch of your holiday shopping done while at Three Dog Bakery.. tasty treats, fashionable collars, awesome toys and much more! I think that is more than a Trifecta..

Why MicroChip? It is one way to assure your pet gets home. Nobody ever things their pet will get lost... but open gates, wind blown fences, unlatched doors happen. A public service message from the Cherokee County Animal Shelter about the importance of microchipping your pets. It explains what happens if your pet finds its way to the Shelter.

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