November is Adopt a Senior Month

One of our past adopters sent this to us for Adopt a Senior Month. Seniors are often overlooked simply because of their age! What people don't recognize is that these dogs frequently have years of love to give! Generally their maturity shows in their manners and obedience! I like to refer to them as "Move in Ready" sine they usually have a very short adjustment period to their FURever home. Even dog who are 5 are frequently looked over! So Colleen's words ring so very true!

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month. We often have potential adopters who are looking for younger dogs or puppies because they’ve heard about Danes’ short life spans. What they don’t always realize is that many of the qualities that draw them to the breed aren’t necessarily found with a young Dane. If you’re looking for a couch potato who requires fairly little supervision then you’re looking for a mature, adult Dane.
GDRNT considers our adoptable Danes to be seniors at age six, but even a four or five year old can be a good, calm companion. We currently have three Danes over the age of six who are looking for furever homes. Perhaps Freddie, Otis or Zoey is the dog you’ve been dreaming of.
When I adopted my first Dane, Molly, she was estimated between three and four years old. By that point she was past the puppy craziness and calm enough to relax at home all day while I was at work. She still had energy and enjoyed going for walks, but she didn’t have the same need to burn up her energy that Daphne has now. All she really wanted was a family to love her and to be in the same room as her people. As Molly aged she remained calm, sweet and gentle. Overall, she was a very easy dog.
If you’re looking to add a Dane to your home please keep an open mind when it comes to age. We never have enough time with those we love. The quality of the time we have is what matters, and there’s definitely something to be said about being able to relax with your buddy instead of having to chase her around the house because she’s stolen yet another sock.