Mayweather vs Alvarez GDRNT version: Raider vs Porcupine Round 2

From 7 am to Midnight today your donations ($25 and greater) made via Great Dane Rescue of North Texas, Donor Bridge TX will be matched, making your donation do more to save danes like Raider from area shelters! Today we have commited to help TWO more.... Raider probably had an uphill battle from the day he came into this world, would be my guess.

He was so hungry for so long that any food would be appreciated and even though his instincts told him that spiney creatures was't going to welcome his advances, his stomach and body were telling he NEEDED it to survive. Well Raider came out on the losing end of that battle and the results are not pretty.

Raider has porcupine quills in his mouth, on his nose and neck and yet he was still hungry. He was found and taken in by animal control who thankfully took him to a nice vet that removed the many quills that could be accessed and called rescue. Unfortunately some of those quills went in deep and now have to either work their way out or become absessed and absorbed by the body. One quill in the roof of his mouth is trying to work its way out through his optical area so constant monitoring and antibiotic meds are needed.

On top of all this Raider is so skinny you can see every rib, his spine and hips, he looks like a skeleton with some skin on him. He never refuses or complains about any food or affection he can get.

Through all this Raider has been nothing but the sweetest, most loving dog. His tail wags when he is looked at and he isn't afraid to come up and ask for some petting. He patiently sits there for his eye medicine. He loves people and doesn't seem to know what a stranger is.

He has quite a long road to recovery, but our hopes are high for him to get through this to become the healthy happy dane he was meant to be and to find his furever home!

He is a very special boy!