HELP! EMERGENCY - NEED $2000 in 48 hours

Riley had emergency surgery early this morning (at 2 a.m.) for a spontaneously twisted SPLEEN and was bleeding out into his belly. During his emergency surgery they removed his spleen. He is currently resting and doing fine. We have to pay the bill in full in 48 hours when he is released from the hospital. Due to the number of dogs we have had this year needing special surgeries, heartworm treatment, and emergency boarding, we are tapped out!

We do our best to help each and every dog and give them what they need. We do NOT turn any shelter Dane away due to age, heartworm status, or special needs status. We've taken in dogs that were shot in the face, hit by cars, had hip displacia, old, etc etc.

We now need your immediate assistance! If you can donate any amount, please do so now. Donations can be made via credit card using PayPal. You can mail a check to GDRNT, PO BOX 40425, Fort Worth, TX 76140-0425. You can stop by our mobile on Saturday, Dec 21st, in front of Starbucks at Preston Royal Shopping Center in Dallas and drop off your donation.

We thank you for your generous donation to help Reilly and future Danes needing special medical attention.

Update: Thanks to the quick and generous support of past adopters and strangers alike, we have raised $1056 for Reilly (as of Monday 12/23 2 pm) . His total bill came to $1907.48 so we are only $851.48 short. He is currently in a foster home resting comfortably and we hope he will continue to gain strength and make a full recovery. Please continue to send in your donations. Your generous support will allow us to continue to help dogs needing emergency medical care ---- Reilly sends his thanks and wishes you and yours a very happy holiday season!