The Killing Has Got To Stop!

killed dane
(Photo used with permission from the photographer Tawana Jurek. This photograph was taken in a Dallas area shelter. In case you cannot tell, this killed Great Dane is lying on top of a pile of dead animals in a cart)

Danes are dying in the DFW Metroplex and all over the country due to neglectful owners and the public's demand for puppies making backyard breeding & puppymills profitable. Just say "NO!" to backyard breeding & puppymill dogs. If you bought or are looking in your local newspaper or petstore that sells puppies and kittens for your next pet, then you are supporting backyard breeders & puppymills! Go to your local animal shelter or local purebreed or all-breed rescue group for your next pet! Spay and neuter ALL of your pets - there are too many animals and not enough don't lie.