DaneFest 2016, Happy Danes are Here Again

DaneFest 2016 Happy Danes are Here Again Big Dog Play Date and Raffle!
Saturday, April 23th, 2016 11AM - 2PM

What is Danefest?
Only the hippest big dog playdate of the year! All altered, fully vaccinated dogs are welcome to come with their humom and hudad to play! (please read rules for all info by visiting DaneFest 2016)

Open to the public, DaneFest 2016 is a family-friendly event held each spring at Dogs Unleashed Dog Daycare in Keller, Texas. You and your furry friends are sure to have a good time:

Check-in, walk to the backyard of Dogs Unleashed, and PLAY! Meet and mingle with other like-minded people (people who will not think you are crazy for sharing your bed with a 140 lb dog or owning an animal that may weigh more than you) and pick up a few Dane-related items, including T-shirts and bumper stickers. But most importantly, let your Dane let loose and have fun!

We also will be Raffling off $1,000 Grand Prize of Visa Gift cards. A chance to win is only $5, or five chances for $20. We will pull a wining ticket at DaneFest but you need not be present to win. Please visit our DaneStore to get your chance now.. or find one of our volunteers

Other breeds of dogs are welcome but we do ask small dogs 40 pound and under stay home. We would hate for them to get run over by a pack of Great Danes running full-force. Bring your children too! However, keep in mind, it will be raining giant dogs, and some kiddos may be a bit overwhelmed.

The Dane Grill will be open with volunteers selling lunch, snacks and drinks for the humans. The Dane Store will have all your dane gear too!

Click DaneFest 2016 for all the information, rules to keep everyone safe, to order tshirts, to buy your chance to win and registration forms., rules to keep everyone safe, to order t shirts, to buy your chance to win and registration forms.