HEALTH Warning for your Pets.

Like most of you my inbox this week have been full of Thankful thoughts and wishes......

Unlike you have I have no less then 5 veterinarians / clinics contact me with info / warnings about some nasty upper respiratory stuff they are seeing in their patients. Hospitalization space for the sickest pets is in critical supply for respiratory support.

The veterinary community is also seeing an uptick in Canine Influenza.... which is viral. (does not get better with antibiotics)

We are recommending that you speak to your veterinarian to assure your pets vaccines are up to date and consider vaccinating your pet for canine incluenza. (Mine are vaccinated and we have been adding it to for foster pups) Especially if your pets go to daycare, boarding, groomer or even the dog park.

This respiratory crud makes your pet feel crappy, and can quickly become serious (and expensive to treat) so an one of prevention can help reduce the risks for you furkidos.