From Roadsides to Riches

You may remember Georgina, who was picked up by a good Samaritan after he witnessed her being hit by a car on the George Bush Tollway. He was the only one who stopped and soon realized she needed more care than he could afford. Thinking she was a dane puppy he contacted GDRNT and we were able to move fast enough to save her life and her leg!

Now funny story.... Georgina is a puppy but not a dane... she looked dane in the pictures but she is just cute..... which is ok because she has the heart of a dane and had no other options to save her...... and thanks to a medical foster home ( and a bunch of money... like seriously a bunch). we did just that!

When Georgina's story first hit the internet we were contacted by a past adopter who inquired about Georgina... so when she was ready they offered to foster her to make sure she did well with their other two danes.... well guess what.... THEY LOVE HER and it is now official !

Georgina is now sister to GDRNT Maui and Theo! PUP! PUP! HOORAY!