When 3 Months becomes 22 Months and Counting!

Sometimes a dog just needs some extra TLC .... usually that means extra time in foster care, expensive vetting and someone willing to take a chance. We received a call from a local shelter who knew Ike needed Great Dane Rescue of North Texas. When I saw him he broke my heart... he was estimated at 12 and his spirit was broken at the shelter.... but no way we would leave him there...

One phone call to a past adopter with senior dogs, would they take him on as a hospice foster... a hospice.... this is their story:

We weren't thinking about fostering as we had a full house with two extra large dogs, two cats and a bird. Ike was condieere a hospice foster at 10 years old, emaciated, deaf, blind, and heart worm positive. We decided to make space for him for the few months he was given to live.

He gained weight and cleared up his ears and eyes infections. Turned out he was not deaf and though visually impaired, he was not blind. He got stronger and played with the other dogs. He made it past 3 months He had digestion issues and allergies that continued to plague him but didn't slow him down or curb his extreme enthusiasm and love of meal time! He made it to a year.

When we took him in we knew he needed us. It didn't take long to figure out we needed him too. We adopted Ike after his one year anniversary. Our 3 month dane is not on month 22 and still going strong.

I love this story because too often people will not consider senior or special needs dogs because they don't know how much love these guys still have to give....

GDRNT can say YES to dogs like Ike in part because of #NTXGiving day. So #BeTheGood and help us help more dogs like Ike.