Forever a GDRNT Dog, Kahl 2016-2021

Kahl (aka George) first came to GDRNT in 2016 he was returned to us young dude and was adopted by a family who had some family changes necessitating Kahl being returned to GDRNT in 2017. Kahl never lost his happy go lucky attitude but he did develop Addisons disease and all the complications that came with that. For the last 2 years he has been in a loving amazing foster home while we worked with our veterinarians, (and ER clinics) to keep his Addisons under control (and all the complications that come with it).

Over the last few months Kahl has made several trips to the ER and our veterinarian to keep him happy and healthy..... GDRNT paid to cover his medical costs while his foster worked hard to keep him his happy happy self..

Early this am Kahl let us know he could no longer fight, and it was time.... so in consultation with our veterinary team, foster and board the difficult decision was made to help him cross.

This morning Kahl peacefully went to the Rainbow bridge with his loving foster mom and GDRNT right by his side.

In the two years Kahl has been with us GDRNT has spent a large sum to keep Kahl happy and as healthy as possible... we could do this because he had an amazing foster who never gave up on him and because of generous donors who allow us to maintain a medical fund so we can make decisions without worrying about having the money on hand.

To everyone who played a part in Kahl's happy live and peaceful crossing we thank you.