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Match Madness Success! Thank You

With extra matching grants we raised a total of $6,120 for our veterinary expenses! A huge THANK YOU to all of you to all who donated but an extra thank you to our friend who sponsored Match Madness and doubled all donations before March 31st! WHOO HOOOO

Bailey is exhausted by all the excitement! She is looking for her furever home. She would love to be an only dog and loves her older skin kids. She has no idea of her size so would do best in a home with bigger dogs. She would love a big yard to sprawl out in! As an adult she is already potty and house trained and respects house rules.

If you are interested in adoption please visit and click on How to Adopt.


Josh can't hide his excitement! A giant thank you to everyone who donated! You all donated $3,060! This all started due to a generous friend of GDRNT who offered a matching grant of $2,500! Since you all busted that we have someone who will match the additional $560 for a GRAND TOTAL of $6,120


PS Josh is a dane blend still looking for his FURever home!

Match Madness! Fundraiser CHALLENGE!

UPDATE: Check it out we are at $4,524 of our $5,000 GOAL by March 31st~. Can you help us beat it! All donations doubled during Match Madness!

An anonymous Donor is generously willing to match all funds donated between now and 3/31 up to $2,500. so every donation will be DOUBLED! GDRNT can get $5,000! Can you help us get there!

Can you help us with a donation of $20 bucks? Any amount helps.

In the last two months we have had over $3,000 in ER or Surgical expenses beyond our normal budget. Frosty had emergency bowel obstruction surgery, and is doing PAWsome! Sweet Rudolph came to us with a nasty eye, that needed to be removed! He had no vision in it and feels so much better now that the nasty thing is GONE! WE are also seeing more Upper Respiratory yuck on intake that responds best to expensive antibiotics. Every one of our dogs gets the treatment they need when they need it thanks to our Emergency fund. but now we need to replenish!

FUNDRAISER MATCH CHALLENGE !!! Your donation can be DOUBLED! Bowel Obstruction! An Expensive ER Bill!

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE !!!!! Ok Gang I have an anonymous Donor willing to match all funds donated between now and 3/31 up to $2,500. so every donation will be DOUBLED up to $2,500! Can you help us get there!
Can you help us with a donation of $20 bucks? Any amount helps.

Bowel Obstruction! An Expensive ER Bill!

Even in the most diligent foster homes stuff happens. When Frosty's foster mom called to say he was off and described his symptoms we knew immediately he had to go to the ER. Because this stuff always happens after your veterinarian is closed .... (this is why it is important to always know the location of the closest after hours or 24/hour Veterinary Hospital) At the end of this post there is a video to her you recognize the symptoms of an obstruction.. But if you have any suspicion go directly to a veterinarian to be sure!

Being a normal curious puppy Frosty secretly ingested what we now know was sock. A tube sock that lived in his digestive system happily, for who knows how long... ... till it didn't. Once at the ER an X-ray was able to confirm our fears and Frosty went quickly into surgery... with a bowel obstruction time is of the essence so we had to move fast to save his life.

Glad to say that after emergency surgery, good medications, loving care, a little bit of time and just about $3,000 Frosty is back to his usual happy puppy self.

$$$$$$ THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS! Fortunately Rescue had the emergency funds to approve this surgery and safe Frosty but now we are looking to build back up our emergency funds. Keep in mind this is in addition to our normal monthly veterinary bills. As an all volunteer 501c all donations go directly to the care of our danes

Can you help us with a donation of $20 bucks? Any amount helps.

WE are happy to say that Frosty has found the perfect FURever home now that he is all fixed up. His family totally understands the importance of high supervision for a puppy and has experience with vision/hearing impaired danes. So after all that drama and a dent in our bank account please consider donating so we can continue to save more danes from socks, heart worms, and anything else they need to find PAWfect FURever homes.

For more about bowel obstructions and what to look for check out this video from PET MED.

Puppy Love? Not so Fast.

People often ask us if we have puppies available for adoption.   So let me go ahead and address this to everyone. This is long but important..

Puppies are rare in rescue. That being said, adopting out a Dane puppy is not the same as adopting out a medium to large sized dog puppy. It is a unique adventure. Why you might ask, is it unique when they are in such high demand?  Well the fact that they are in such high demand is a part of the problem. Everyone wants that cute, floppy, uncoordinated adorable Dane puppy. And I mean everyone!  What MOST people fail to realize is that that cute, adorable uncoordinated puppy is going to get big, and I don't mean big by most people's standards I mean GIANT.  (Sorry, but your big Lab or Boxer is a little dog to me; so my definition of big and yours are likely to be pretty different). 

This size brings with it more than one issue. Often people underestimate the amount of time and work that are involved in training and socializing a GIANT puppy. This shouldn't matter right?  You don't need to work that hard on your puppy, they will just get it… Well if they just got it, we would be out of business.

The average age of rescue Danes is 18 months. Why? Well because at that age all those things that the GIANT puppy did that you thought were cute and adorable and knowingly or not you encouraged, well they are not so cute anymore now that he is over 100 lbs. Who would have thought those spontaneous Dane hugs would get dangerous, or the continuous counter surfing would make life difficult when trying to feed, well anyone other than the Dane. And let's not even go for the giant dog that goes barreling down the street after neighbors and other dogs barking his head off because his goofy butt wants to play, but they are running in fear for their lives. 

Winter Weather Warning for North Texas

Recently there was a post on line that featured a dog covered in snow with the reminder to Bring them Inside. Obviously enough right? WRONG!! OMDog people ... the picture showed some variety of husky so people started a debate on why these dogs COULD be left outside.... so here we go again...

Personally my dogs are family and they live inside.. yes they are danes and are totally not built for the cold but that is beside the point. Most jurisdictions have laws on providing adequate sheltering, access to food and fresh water regardless of breed.

Thank You, Safety and Resolutions for the New Year

A Happy New Year to all our Friends and Supporters. We could not have saved as many Danes without loving foster homes, dedicated volunteers, and generous donors. Each year I pray that in the coming year, Rescues are no longer needed as no animal is left homeless to die in a shelter simply because no home could be found. Given the trend in our email box it is not likely that 2018 will be that year.

Thank You.
To those of you who have donated to GDRNT or animal welfare over the last year we Thank You! $1 or $1,000 it is all so very appreciated and makes a huge difference. GDRNT is a 501c3, all volunteer organization your tax deductible donations go directly to the veterinary and care expenses of the Danes in our program. If you still have year end charitable funds to allocate please consider GDRNT. You may donate by clicking on the visa/MasterCard logo on the top right of the home page to go to PayPal.

Keep Your Pet Safe.
While you are enjoying the New Year festivities do not for get the safely of your pet. Stuff happens so be aware of obvious hazards such as a frequently opened door, alcohol, fireworks and other non dog friendly treats. Our friends at ASPCA put together some reminders in their article Celebrating Safely.

It is also a good idea to know the location of the closest after hours Emergency Veterinarian just in case.

New Year Resolution
Texas is freaking FREEEEZZZIIINNNNG. and every Animal Control Officer dreads the bazillion calls about animals being left out side without shelter. However sadly laws in Texas are inadequate to protect and Animal Control and Law Enforcemet are often limited in what they can do by inadequate laws. Don't believe me? RISPCA said it way better than I can in their statement about 409 Tollgate Rd This is not unique to Rhode Island and is very much an issue in Texas.

This year I challenge each of you to become educated on the legislation in your area, and work to strengthen laws to protect animals fro abuse and neglect.

This year I challenge each of you to help with an outreach program to help educate underserved populations on proper pet car and responsible ownership.

This year I challenge you to visit your local shelter and volunteer to walk dogs, change litter boxes, do laundry, foster, clean kennels... whatever is needed.

This year I challenge you to reach out and do more and be a positive change in Animal Welfare.

Awaiting Santa Paws

A lot has changed since this group was started in 2001 but one constant has been the dedication of our fosters, volunteers and supporters. We ask Santa Paws to help us send blessing to all those who work so hard all year round to pread the word of responsible pet ownership, spay/neuter and adoption.

We want to wish everyone out there a Merry Chirstmas and Happy New Year.

Having a Dane in your life is a special experience with things unique to .. Well 100 plus pounds of furry love. I found this version of Dane's Night Before Christmas and had to share! The only credit I can give is to "crankyfrankie" who posted it on another forum. I think it explains it pretty acurately!

T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring; even the Dane on the couch
The stockings were hung so frickin' high in the air
... In hopes our Dane couldn't get them up there
The neighbors were nestled feeling safe in their beds
While visions of big Danes zoomed in their heads
With gizzards and chicken and bones going SNAP
The Dane hoovered dinner and prepared for a nap.
When out from the crate there arose such a clatter
The Dane had to go out and empty his bladder
Up from the floor he flew like a flash
He tore out the door and peed on the grass
He stood there so tall with a big head and lips
He blocked out the moon like a total eclipse
When what to my wondering eye should appear
But a miniature sleigh and 8 tiny Danedeer
With a little old driver so lively and quick
I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick
I yelled to the Dane "quick come in Rover"
He ran up the stairs and knocked me right over!
And then in a twinkling I heard on the roof,
the prancing and pawing of each little hoof
I got off the floor and held tight to my head
I looked to the chimney with a feeling of dread
He was dressed all in fur from his head to his foot
And his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot
I had concern for Santa so I put him at sit
St. Nick turned around and said "HOLY SH*T"
The bundle of toys he dropped at his feet,
He said "OMG, what does he eat?"
"That must be a horse or some form of cattle,
let me look in my bag and find you a saddle!"
I explained to Santa he was a Great Dane
A very big dog with a really small brain.
Santa got on his knees and broke a big rule
Before I could stop him, he was covered in drool
"He wouldn't bite, not even a robber"
Santa said okay, but was covered in slobber
Santa laid on the floor all covered in jowl's
I ran to the kitchen to grab him some towels.
Santa said "It's Okay, I am no cleaner,
What a cute Dane, but BOY what a leaner!"
We helped Santa up, with his bag made of silk
while the Dane ate the cookies and knocked over the milk!
He jumped back up, as if preparing to flee
He pulled out the presents to chuck at the tree
He backed up the chimney in a bright flash of red
I ran to my room, Rover beat me to bed!
We heard him mumble as he flew out of site,
"That guys' really nice but his Dane's just not right!"

Tis the Season of Doggy PANCREATITIS!; How you can Prevent It.

Every year ... Every stinking year.. Veterinary clinics see an avalanche of cases of pancreatitis that could have been prevented. This is a very painful, sometimes deadly and always super expensive to treat. Please take the time to read what Preventive Vet has posted An Open Letter fro Your Dog's Pancreas

Hi, I'm your dog’s pancreas
You may not know exactly what I am or what I do, but trust me when I tell you that I play a vital role in maintaining your dog’s health and comfort.

Who knows, maybe you’ve already seen what happens when I'm not “on my game”: diabetes, pancreatic insufficiency, pancreatitis? As you can see, much like The Hulk… it’s best not to make me angry.

I'm reaching out today specifically because of all these bouts with pancreatitis… you know, the condition where I become inflamed and you and your dog pay the price. I'm tired of being the bad guy, but I’m also tired of having to work so hard because of all the extra “treats” you keep giving your dog. Now I'm not talking about the occasional dog biscuit or the carrots and green beans you give him. Those are fine. What really bothers me, what really hurts me, what really inflames me are all of the “extra special” treats — the bacon and sausage, the prime rib leftovers and steak bones, the scraps from your holiday feasts.

And that bacon grease you keep adding to your dog’s food in hopes of giving him a shinier coat. Really?!?! Who ever gave you that idea? what website or chat room did you read that one on?? Please stop, you’re killing me! Literally.

Look, I don't want to hurt your dog. But you’re leaving me with little choice. I don't like making your dog vomit and have diarrhea. I don't like making him lethargic and putting him off his food. I don't even like causing you the grief, inconvenience, and the financial strain of the costs associated with an inflamed pancreas. How spiteful do you think I am?

Pancreatis is no fun for anyone!
Trust me, pancreatitis isn’t fun for me either. Not even close! When I'm inflamed, I start digesting myself. Have you ever literally eaten yourself? Does that sound like fun to you? I don’t recommend it!

So let's call a truce. Let’s make a deal. You get your dog to an ideal body condition and stop “spoiling” him with the things that make me angry and I'll keep being Bruce Banner, continuing to focus on my important work of helping your dog regulate his blood sugar and breakdown and absorb dietary proteins, carbohydrates, and the all-important fats. I don’t want to be The Hulk.

You see, at the end of the day, you and I have the same goal… to keep your dog happy, healthy, and pain-free. So let’s start working together. Let’s stop making each other angry. What do you say, do we have a deal?

Your Dog's (currently) Angry Pancreas

For those of you who are more visual the AKC had this informative video.

We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home. ~Edward R. Murrow

GDRNT is blessed to have several veterans and active military in our ranks as fosters, volunteers and adopters. For their service to our Country and community we are eternally grateful. Please take some time today to remember those who have and continue to serve all of us in our Military. If you have served or are currently serving our Country we thank you and your families.

Veterans Day by Roger W Hancock
We honor you, who fought for us,
for country’s sake of freedom’s plight.
You kept the greatest country great,
by sacrifice of you who served.


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