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Nala is on the Mend.. and so is our Emergency Fund!

Let me start out by saying Nala is expected to make a full recovery. But now it is time for our Emergency Fund to Recover.

When my phone rings late at night... it is never a good thing. So when I saw it was Nala's foster mom I feared the worst... Nala was bloating and thankfully her foster family recognized it and called. We were able to get her to the Emergency clinic where she underwent surgery , after the great care and a few days at the hospital Nala went home and is recovering well! Below we list some of the signs to recognize bloat.

Nala's emergency bill was over $5,100.

Remembering The Ultimate Price

"The brave die, never, though they sleep in dust: Their courage nerves a thousand living men."

-Minot J. Savage

Today we give thanks and pause for those who gave their lives serving our Country. We are grateful to those brave souls who paid the ultimate price.

Sweaty Dogs: NO Sweat, No Problem


Contrary to popular dog do sweat and have some sweat glands. "While dogs primarily use panting to cool themselves down, they also sweat — but not where you may think", said Catherine Carrier, a veterinarian and Animal Operations Senior Manager at Covance Laboratories, a contract research facility that partners with pharmaceutical companies. It turns out dogs have sweat glands on their paw pads and noses.. which is hardly an efficient way to cool off. There is some scientific speculation that the sweat glands in paws and noises may have another purpose but we know it isn't for cooling off body temps

“Dogs do not have the same capacity to sweat like humans, therefore they cannot evacuate heat as efficiently from the skin surface and are prone to overheating and developing hyperthermia, an elevated body temperature,” says Patrick Mahaney, DVM, and owner of Los Angeles, California Pet Acupuncture and Wellness.

No Sweat: Big Problems? How the heck do they cool down?
Dogs pant as a means of evaporative cooling: when a dog gets hot, it will open its mouth and breathe heavily. As water evaporates from the dog's tongue, nasal passages and lungs, this helps lower its body temperature. Panting serves two main purposes in terms of cooling a dog down. Firstly, the moisture on the tongue evaporates while panting, while the heavy breathing allows moisture to evaporate from the moist lining of their lungs. Furthermore, dogs cool off via vasodilation. The blood vessels in their face and ears expand, enabling the blood to flow closer to the skin, allowing heat to be exchanged with the outside environment.

Spring has Sprung... with STORMS!

It is that time of year when Texas Weather throws the steering wheel out the window and makes life interesting. I have sen first hand the devastation that can be caused by tornadoes and hurricanes not only to structures but to lives. But it doesn't have to be a big storm to be an emergency for your family. A gas leak, plumbing flood, or a power outage may mean you have to evacuate your home fast and for a few days.

Being prepared can help minimize some of the stress for you and your pet should you need to evacuate your home.

OK I get it .. your dog doesn't NEED the crate. But if you need to evacuate to a shelter your dog will be required to be crated. Or if you dog is injured they will be crated at the animal hospital... so to minimize the stress for your pet why not teach them the crate is a happy safe place? A crate with a familiar blanket or bed will be a safe haven in an emergency

On a front window of your home will alert first responders of the number and kind of pets in your home. This will assist in getting them to safety. IF you are able to evacuate with your pet, and have the time write EVACUATED on the sticker.

Layer your id to help assure a prompt reunion if you are separated from your pet. A collar with tags, microchip (is your information current?) and write your cell phone number on your pet... if your pet has long fur write it in the inside of an ear, if your dog is a dark color you can get a white or silver marker. This sounds silly but it is faster then scanning and may mean a quicker reunion. Keep a picture of your pet on your phone.. I also keep a copy of my pets vaccinations records as a picture.

-Veterinary Contacts
Obviously you want the name/number of your veterinarian in your phone but also have the name, address and phone number of the closest Emergency clinics.

Do you have family or friends, a boarding facility or hotel names that accept pets? If you cannot car for your pets who is your backup caregiver? In a large scale emergency your local shelter may also offer temporary housing for your pets.

If you look on line you can buy a "Go Bag" but assembling one is easy. Check out the check list and make sure you have it all.

Obviously different species have different needs so check out this article by the sASPCA on Disaster Preparednes

$20 Microchips at Trinity GAP Fair Sat, 4/28

Over the years we have been able so impressed with this group and honored to be invited to help them by Offering $20 Micro chips for your pets. The $20 includes a 24 Hour Petwatch Microchip AND registration in their data base.

CANCELLED Meet and Greet, Three Dog Bakery, Plano, Sat, 4/7

Gang we are cancelling the event because it is too cold. We will reschedule.

Join us at Three Dog Bakery in Plano from 10am to 12pm on Saturday, April 7th to meet some of our fosters, personal Danes, and volunteers, and learn more about our rescue. While you're there, pick up some tasty treats for your pups!
Please note that we do not do on the spot adoptions at Meet & Greet events. This is an opportunity to learn more about GDRNT and our adoption process, meet some dane loving folks and learn about life with a dane.

NOTE that we will be set up out front on the porch. If the weather is questionable or thunder lightening we may need to shut down early for safety.

Match Madness Success! Thank You

With extra matching grants we raised a total of $6,120 for our veterinary expenses! A huge THANK YOU to all of you to all who donated but an extra thank you to our friend who sponsored Match Madness and doubled all donations before March 31st! WHOO HOOOO

Bailey is exhausted by all the excitement! She is looking for her furever home. She would love to be an only dog and loves her older skin kids. She has no idea of her size so would do best in a home with bigger dogs. She would love a big yard to sprawl out in! As an adult she is already potty and house trained and respects house rules.

If you are interested in adoption please visit and click on How to Adopt.


Josh can't hide his excitement! A giant thank you to everyone who donated! You all donated $3,060! This all started due to a generous friend of GDRNT who offered a matching grant of $2,500! Since you all busted that we have someone who will match the additional $560 for a GRAND TOTAL of $6,120


PS Josh is a dane blend still looking for his FURever home!

Match Madness! Fundraiser CHALLENGE!

UPDATE: Check it out we are at $4,524 of our $5,000 GOAL by March 31st~. Can you help us beat it! All donations doubled during Match Madness!

An anonymous Donor is generously willing to match all funds donated between now and 3/31 up to $2,500. so every donation will be DOUBLED! GDRNT can get $5,000! Can you help us get there!

Can you help us with a donation of $20 bucks? Any amount helps.

In the last two months we have had over $3,000 in ER or Surgical expenses beyond our normal budget. Frosty had emergency bowel obstruction surgery, and is doing PAWsome! Sweet Rudolph came to us with a nasty eye, that needed to be removed! He had no vision in it and feels so much better now that the nasty thing is GONE! WE are also seeing more Upper Respiratory yuck on intake that responds best to expensive antibiotics. Every one of our dogs gets the treatment they need when they need it thanks to our Emergency fund. but now we need to replenish!

FUNDRAISER MATCH CHALLENGE !!! Your donation can be DOUBLED! Bowel Obstruction! An Expensive ER Bill!

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE !!!!! Ok Gang I have an anonymous Donor willing to match all funds donated between now and 3/31 up to $2,500. so every donation will be DOUBLED up to $2,500! Can you help us get there!
Can you help us with a donation of $20 bucks? Any amount helps.

Bowel Obstruction! An Expensive ER Bill!

Even in the most diligent foster homes stuff happens. When Frosty's foster mom called to say he was off and described his symptoms we knew immediately he had to go to the ER. Because this stuff always happens after your veterinarian is closed .... (this is why it is important to always know the location of the closest after hours or 24/hour Veterinary Hospital) At the end of this post there is a video to her you recognize the symptoms of an obstruction.. But if you have any suspicion go directly to a veterinarian to be sure!

Being a normal curious puppy Frosty secretly ingested what we now know was sock. A tube sock that lived in his digestive system happily, for who knows how long... ... till it didn't. Once at the ER an X-ray was able to confirm our fears and Frosty went quickly into surgery... with a bowel obstruction time is of the essence so we had to move fast to save his life.

Glad to say that after emergency surgery, good medications, loving care, a little bit of time and just about $3,000 Frosty is back to his usual happy puppy self.

$$$$$$ THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS! Fortunately Rescue had the emergency funds to approve this surgery and safe Frosty but now we are looking to build back up our emergency funds. Keep in mind this is in addition to our normal monthly veterinary bills. As an all volunteer 501c all donations go directly to the care of our danes

Can you help us with a donation of $20 bucks? Any amount helps.

WE are happy to say that Frosty has found the perfect FURever home now that he is all fixed up. His family totally understands the importance of high supervision for a puppy and has experience with vision/hearing impaired danes. So after all that drama and a dent in our bank account please consider donating so we can continue to save more danes from socks, heart worms, and anything else they need to find PAWfect FURever homes.

For more about bowel obstructions and what to look for check out this video from PET MED.


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