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Great Dane Breed Information

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Buster (9 month old merle dane) and Meghan (5 month old yorkie)

Being a Great Dane owner is not a decision to be taken
lightly. A Great Dane is known as the Gentle Giant. The key word
here is GIANT. A Great Dane is not the right dog
for every home.

General Information
The Great Dane was
created in Germany to hunt wild boars. Over the past 100 years
breeders have made the Dane's temperament what it is today -

Feeding Guides for Great Danes

Great Dane Feeding and Nutritional Guides
Linda Arndt, a noted Author,
Nutritional Consultant, and owner of Blackwatch Great Danes
Kennels has graciously agreed to allow us to share her feeding
guide along with other nutritional articles she has published.
Please feel free to print out any information for future use and
share it with a friend.

Click here for guide

About Stomach Torsion
This article is to bring awareness to first time Great Dane owners

Stomach Torsion

The purpose of this article is to bring awareness to first time Great Dane owners of Stomach Torsion, which is the number one killer of Great Danes. We are sure that you probably have many questions about this problem, and this article attempts to answer the most frequently asked questions about the problem.

What exactly is stomach torsion? Stomach Torsion, or

"twisted stomach", is exactly that. The stomach twists

and turns, and in fact flips over. Most commonly accompanied by

bloat which is an expansion of gas in the stomach, the result is

State of Texas Animal Friendly License Plates

vspace="5" width="300" height="143">If
you are an animal lover and you live in the State of Texas you
need to hear about this!We now have special order license plates
that have a drawing of a cat and dog along with the words
"Animal Friendly" on them. Their sale generates funds
that will subsidize pet spays and neuters throughout the State of
Texas in order to prevent overpopulation. However, the

Rescue Information

We are a local rescue group (North Texas) looking for
great permanent homes for abandoned/abused Great Danes. To be
eligible to adopt a Dane, you would need to be able to provide
annual and emergency veterinary care, a fenced yard, indoor crate,
quality dog food (especially for dogs under 2 years of age), and
most importantly you need to have time to spend with your Great
Dane-- walking, playing & training.

We can only adopt out dogs to those living in the State


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