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Never Forget.

As an organization we are blessed to have quite a few veterans as volunteers, fosters, adopters and supporters. While we are indebted for their service to GDRNT we are even more indebted for the service to our Country. The message was best stated by combat veteran, Retired Navy Seal Dan Crenshaw:

“This is Veterans Day weekend, which means that it’s a good time for every American to connect with a veteran. Maybe say ‘Thanks for your service,’ but I would actually encourage you to say something else: Tell a veteran ‘never forget,'” the former Navy SEAL said. “When you say ‘never forget’ to a veteran, you are implying that as an American, you are in it with them, not separated by some imaginary barrier between civilians and veterans, but connected together as grateful fellow Americans. We’ll never forget the sacrifices made by veterans past and present.”

When FURever Means Goodbye

Exactly one week Trent stayed with GDRNT before he went running healthy at the bridge.

Sent with a kiss


We need Foster homes willing to open their homes and commit to taking danes from area shelters... Do you have what it takes?
Most of you know this but... it is necessary to repeat..

GDRNT is an all volunteer group. We do not have a shelter .. All of our dogs are placed in screened, qualified foster homes. You have seen this.. from us and other quality rescue groups... So what the heck does that mean?

THANK YOU! NTXGiving Donors!

It is a wrap and with outmatching funds we busted our goal with over $8,019 in individual donations and $3,500 in matching funds we totaled over $11,500!
A huge thank you to everyone who donated to GDRNT and participated in #NTXGiving!

Who was Doris Huneycutt? Honoring her Memory with NTXGiving

This one was difficult for me to write.. so hope I do it justice.

Who was Doris Huneycutt?
I do not remember when I first met Doris, she was just always fully present. A soft spoken strong woman/grandmother with great love for her family, friends, rescue and Pearl Jam. Her passing was not only personal loss for a lot of us but also a tremendous loss for GDRNT.

It is not surprising that two individuals offered to honor her memory with matching funds for North Texas Giving Day. These funds will double the first $2,000 of donations made via NTXGiving to Great Dane Rescue of North Texas. Matching funds will not show in the North Texas Giving Day day total but will be donations made directly to GDRNT. For those who did not have the benefit of knowing Doris and those who loved her...........

Honoring Doris Huneycutt with North Texas Giving Day

UPDATE: WE have received a second Matching Challenge of $1,000 to Honor Mrs Doris Huneycutt! Our Total matching funds are $3,000!
North Texas Giving Day is one of our largest fundraisers of the year and we rely on it to save Great Danes in area shelters. One of our generous donors has offered to match the first $1,000 of pre-scheduled donations to honor the memory of Mrs. Doris Huneycutt. Those of us lucky enough to have had Doris in our lives knew her as a tireless, fearless and dedicated defender of animals. Doris was an adopter, foster, volunteer and supporter of Great Dane Rescue of North Texas and we are proud to be able to Honor her memory in this way.

So how does this work?
Click to visit NTXGiving day site and donate to Great Dane Rescue of North Texas. All donations "scheduled" between now and September 19th will be totaled and hit our total the morning of North Texas Giving Day (September 20th). All donations scheduled and made on the 20th will be eligible for matching funds and can make us eligible for "prizes".

We also want to thank our anonymous matching fund donors who make this possible to maximize our donations.

Emptying the Ocean with a Teaspoon

Honestly that is what rescue feels like... no matter how hard we work it is never enough.... Rescue is probably one of the very few "businesses" that work hard every day to eliminate their existence. I dream of a day when there are no animals in need, empty shelters, and every dog has a loving home.

While our focus and mission is saving danes from area shelters a few years ago we challenged our volunteers and fosters to do more with other animal welfare organizations. Volunteers with shelters, animal outreach organizations and other responsible rescue groups. Several of our volunteers have joined with Animal Investigation & Response (AIR) assisting law enforcement, animal control agencies and communities with animal abuse related issues such as puppy mills and animal hoarding as well as, assists in disaster relief in Texas.

Working with local authorities a large scale puppy mill was shut down and 300 dogs and ponies were saved from deplorable conditions. Please check out Animal Investigation & Response on Facebook and LOOK AT THE PICTURES if you do nothing else.

Places like this exist because there is a DEMAND in the market for their PRODUCT. If you are buying your pets you are generating the demand and supporting this. Do not tell me your dog did not come from a puppy mill, that your puppy was "hand fed/home raised", that your breeder is "responsible". For profit breeders do not breed for the betterment of the breed, they breed for money not for the welfare of animals.

We thank the volunteers with AIR, Houston Humane Society and Grimes County Sheriff’s Office for making sure these animals are safe.

URGENT! Foster Homes Needed!

Do you have what it takes to save a life?
Most of you know this but... it is necessary to repeat..

GDRNT is an all volunteer group. We do not have a shelter .. All of our dogs are placed in screened, qualified foster homes. You have seen this.. from us and other quality rescue groups... So what the heck does that mean?

On a typical day we get 7 to 10 surrender requests a day from people wanting to give up their danes. A DAY. There is no way we can take them all... Our first priority is danes in local shelters since the are most in need. We will only commit to taking a dog if we have a pre approved foster willing to take the dog .. No foster and the dog stays at the shelter.

A quality foster home understands that your goal is to be the SECOND best home your foster pup will ever know. It means you are getting them ready to be a FURever dog for their FURever family. This doesn't stop at food, love and walks, some will need a little more


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